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About Wyoming

Wyoming is located in the western United States and is bounded by Colorado to the south, South Dakota to the east, Nebraska to the north, and Utah to the west. The state has a population of just over 577,000 people and offers residents a wide range of attractions, including the world-renowned Yellowstone National Park, the largest national park in the US. Other popular attractions include Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone Lake.

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The legal status of cannabis in Wyoming

As for now, there are no major medical cannabis programs in Wyoming for patients. Although there is a protection program for patients suffering from intractable seizures to use a fixed amount of CBD or THC by using a Hemp Extract Registration Card. 

Americans for Safe Access ( ASA ) has rated F to the state of Wyoming because of the inability of the State to incorporate any such imperative program which has been added recently in the rule books of other surrounding States. 

The credits for approving HB171 in 2019 are earned by the State.HB171 grants approval to the 2018 Farm Bill which started a national hemp production program in the State. This was highlighted by a Washington D.C based organization that gives a report annually on the different medical cannabis programs being implemented in different states of the U.S.

ASA suggested that the lawmakers in Wyoming in 2021 should look forward to removing arbitrary caps on THC levels on authorized products for better treatment and cater health services to a diversified group of patients. 

By the time Wyoming approves any certain medical program, the patients seek any other methods like traveling to other States for getting Medical Marijuana treatment.

Wyoming has received a lot of negative criticism for its backward policies regarding the State’s health policies. There have been surveys that provided data that more than 65% of the population of Wyoming is in favor of implementing medical marijuana treatment in the State under proper guidelines and supervision.


How to get your Medical Cannabis Card in Wyoming?

Medical Marijuana is a critical treatment that comes with a lot of rules and restrictions. There are many guidelines laid by the State Department of Health in various States of the United States. The guidelines must be followed in order to ensure that you can avoid all the hassle when you are looking forward to Medical Marijuana treatment. The State has laid strict rules on the sale and purchase of Marijuana, this is done in order to monitor and control the illegal selling and consumption of Cannabis in the State of Wyoming. To purchase Marijuana in the State officially for treatment purposes, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card in Wyoming. It is an official license approved by the State Medical authorities which certifies that a patient is in need of MMJ treatment.  Let’s take a look at the steps that are needed to be followed in order to obtain your MMJ card.

Submission of the Online Application

The State Department of Health hosts an application on its website which is the first step you need to go through while applying for your Medical Cannabis Card in Wyoming. There are many things that you have to fill in the application. The application requires your name, age, gender, medical history, background check and residential proof. In order to apply for an MMJ card, you must also prove that you are a resident of Wyoming. The documents which you can provide in a residential proof can be your passport, voter’s ID, bank statements, birth certificate, driving license or any state-issued ID. Fill in all the correct information and authentic documents because there is a cross verification of the information that you have provided. The registration fee is nonrefundable as well. You need to fill the application online on the State Department of Health’s website. There are many fake websites that offer marijuana treatment and ask for the application fee. Confirm before enrolling in any medical clinic or program if the clinic is authentic and the doctors are licensed from the State. You can also read online reviews and get in touch with patients who have had their treatment before and get authentic feedback about the services and experience of their treatment process.

Book an Appointment with an MMJ Doctor

The next step is to make an appointment with an MMJ doctor in Wyoming. These are 420 doctors who have significant experience and practice in the field of Medical Marijuana. These doctors carry out the evaluation process. In the evaluation process, the doctors check out your medical history and diagnose your current medical conditions. This is done to make sure that medical marijuana treatment will effectively improve your medical needs. The doctors check for qualifying conditions and review the previous medications and remedies you have undergone before the evaluation. The 420 assessment helps the doctors to determine your eligibility for MMJ treatment. The evaluation session can also be taken through video conferencing. Search out the best doctors to get evaluated because this is the central part of the process. The evaluation is simple yet the most significant part because this is the step where the doctors decide if you are in need of Medical Marijuana treatment. It is necessary that you describe the doctor in the evaluation truthfully about all the problems and treatments that you have taken before with precise medical proofs because those records are registered with the Department of Health before issuing you the Medical cannabis card. If you have been a consumer of Marijuana, discuss it with the doctor about the positive and negative effects it has. This will help the doctor to have a better understanding of recommending marijuana for medical purposes in your case.

Approval from MMJ Doctor

If the MMJ doctors in Wyoming verify and recommend that you are in need of Medical Marijuana treatment, then you can get your official MMJ card with the doctor’s approval on it. You can also receive your certification online from a 420 doctor in Wyoming once you are done with the evaluation process. Now, owning an MMJ card in Wyoming allows you legally to purchase Marijuana from licensed medical stores in a fixed amount. The general expiration period is one year from the date of approval, after that, you need to validate it again by going through an evaluation process that can monitor your recovery and determine if Medical Cannabis is still a requirement.

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Registering as a patient in Wyoming

Under HB32 a patient can register for protection provided that the patient completes an application and the patient’s neurologist completes two additional forms: one of them is the written recommendation about the need of the patient for cannabis treatment and the second one is the records and observations made during the evaluation process. The patient’s proof of residency is required in registration and then the patient must pay the registration fees. After doing these formalities and paperwork, the State Department of Health issues the Hemp Extract Registration Card.



There are no laws and regulations regarding the Caregiver program till now in the State of Wyoming. Although minor patients can register themselves with their parents. The patient along with the parents needs to fill up the application and follow the same process then.


Possession and Cultivation

Since there are no firm laws and regulations in Wyoming, the possession of even small amounts of Cannabis is prohibited. You are also prohibited from cultivating Marijuana at your home. The problem is there is no structured law in Wyoming, so it is better not to risk yourself by possessing or cultivating marijuana. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: To verify your age and residence, you can submit a birth certificate, voter’s ID, driving license, or passport.

Ans: This depends on where you are going to travel. To know whether it is legal to use an MMJ card in the state you will be visiting; you must get in touch with that state to know its marijuana laws.

Ans: No. The legal protection provided disappears when your card expires. You can still submit an application for renewal.

Ans: Yes, a medicinal marijuana examination is required before acquiring an MMJ card. The 420 doctors in Wyoming must first examine your condition before deciding whether or not to grant approval for the MMJ card.