7 Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in a Rec State

7 Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in a Rec State

There are 15 such states now that have permitted and legalized the adult utilization of rec and med. When any province or region legalizes active cannabis utilization, people incline to pause bringing their mmj cards. However, the buyers of cannabis who do not get any mmj cards are not getting a lot of benefits like the capability to get a huge amount, paying a low amount, various age barriers, and more protection under the law. The differences between recreational and medical marijuana are yet considerable! There are various benefits of a med card. Among them, the most important seven benefits of an active state are as:

  1. Lower Costs

Medical marijuana cards can lower the costs of marijuana and can help you to save a huge amount all year long, and you will get it at lower prices in comparison to those who get it without having a valid card. As soon as marijuana was treated as a legalized product in various provinces, considerable taxes increased. If you are a daily consumer of cannabis and do not have a valid med card, you will spend a lot of money throughout the year.

Is there any change in price between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana? Yes, various states have reduced or freed from taxes on cannabis taken with a valid medical marijuana card. Depending on the state, a tax of 15 to 37% is paid by the customers of recreational marijuana, while on medical marijuana, only a few basic taxes are applicable. If you are a daily customer of medical cannabis products, you can save thousands of dollars annually if you pay to get your medical marijuana card on time. For instance, in Colorado state, the marijuana products sold for recreational purposes, the sales tax has been increased from 10 to 15% on all retail marijuana-related products. While in the same state, medical marijuana was freed from the excise tax of 15%, governing reduced prices and more availability.

2. Increased Possession Limits, Purchase Limits, & Ability to Grow More Marijuana

There are some stringent thresholds on how much quantity of cannabis recreational customers can get, while medical marijuana card holders can purchase more than recreational customers. For illustration, in California, recreational customers can get only one ounce per day, but medical patients can get almost 8 ounces per day. With the help of a medical care card, you bring more cannabis home from the dispensary than those purchasing it recreationally.

For home cultivation and possession, various limitations are applied to medical marijuana cardholders compared to recreational consumers. Cannabis cardholders are permitted to retain more abundance of cannabis and grow more plants based on the laws about marijuana in your province. In Nevada, recreational customers can only possess 1 ounce of cannabis, while 2.5 ounces are allowed for cardholders. In a few states, recreational customers are not permitted to grow the plants of cannabis, and only medical card holders are authorized to perform such planting. In Colorado, recreational users are allowed to grow up to 6 plants, of which only three should mature at a time, while medical marijuana card holders can request more than six plants.

3. Lower Age Restrictions

In various states, age becomes a restriction in the utilization of cannabis, as in maximum states, they constrain recreational cannabis use to adults of age 21 or more. For people below this age, the use of cannabis and its possession is illegal. However, in care, if some medical emergency, such as some young patient with cancer or epilepsy diagnosis, may need it, then there is no issue. Maximum programs of medical cannabis permit patients with age 18 years and younger as long as they fulfill all the necessary things. In some cases, children below 18 are also permitted to get a medical marijuana card with the help of a caregiver. Whenever you look at cannabis by treating it as medicine, you want it available without any issue about how old you are.

4. Access to Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensaries

You can purchase cannabis at medical dispensary shops with a valid medical marijuana card. Also, in those states where the use of recreational cannabis is valid, there exist medical dispensaries which are exclusively for those who hold a medical marijuana card. Medical customers are provided with access to a wide variety of strains, products, and professional assistance. There is no shortage of any extract of cannabis. It seems impossible to keep up with them all, their potencies, utilizations, and advantages. That is why people with a valid medical marijuana card also try to get help from medical professionals and cannabis experts who tell them what condition and what they should take!

There are various professionals in the outlets of recreational retails who assist. Still, they do not have much knowledge, training and experience to answer the questions regarding the various products for medical purposes, their dosage and utilizing marijuana for particular medical situations. Therefore, having legal recreational dispensaries in your estates, you should prefer the benefits of medical dispensaries.


5. Stronger Potency Than Recreational

The marijuana sold to patients having a valid marijuana card is more potent than the one sold for recreational purposes. Various shops and retailers selling cannabis for recreational purposes should stick to certain limits governed by their provinces. Some patients may need higher concentrated or potent CBD or THC to alleviate their symptoms. For illustration, the products of cannabis should contain only 100 mg of THC; also, tinctures or lotions should contain a limit of 100 mg of THC in the state of California.

While the dispensaries of medical marijuana are given some more potent products as their lotions are allowed to contain 200 mg of THC, almost double that of recreational products. Some emergency patients require different doses of potency to lower the symptoms of the medical conditions for which they are using cannabis, and the products for recreational use may not always suffice.

Even though in your state, it is legalized to use recreational use, you are still recommended to get a medical marijuana card as soon as possible. With this medical card, you can get various benefits, including a highly potent dose of CBD or THC for patients with emergency conditions like cancer or chronic pain.

6. Stronger Legal Protection

Those holding a valid marijuana card are protected under law in many states, where the state authorities legalize medical marijuana. Criminal laws which do not permit the possession and cultivation of marijuana in California state have legalized it for patients holding a valid medical marijuana card and also recommended by any physician for the medical treatment to cultivate and possess it for medical use under proposition 215 of California law.

You can possess or cultivate marijuana only if holding a valid medical card. When you are a cardholder, you are covered by a professional physician, and you have a stamp of approval from a physician that depicts the benefits of cannabis as medicine. You will see the benefits of this card only when in a state there are limitations on possession, cultivation and purchase of cannabis. So, it will be better for you to get a card as soon as possible.

People are generally talking about how they will get fired for holding a marijuana card. Commonly speaking, this matter is between you and your physician. Laws in some states even protect the employment rights of marijuana users. However, it is still recommended to consult a professional in the same field to get the answers to such questions for your satisfaction.

7. Traveling Out-of-State Is Easier

You can purchase or possess medical marijuana in the states with a valid out-of-state medical marijuana card, which offers reciprocity to your state. So if you are going to another state or traveling to another state to meet the best specialist, you can use your med card with the help of reciprocity. But before traveling to any other state, research whether the state is accepting the out-of-state marijuana card and ensure you are not violating any state law. The following states accept the out of state medical marijuana cards:

  • Maine
  • Washington D.C.
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire (permits possession only)
  • California
  • Alaska
  • Rhode Island
  • Oklahoma (clients from out-of-state may pertain for a temporary in-state license)
  • Hawaii (patients from out-of-state may correlate for a temporary in-state license)
  • Arizona (authorizes possession only)
  • Arkansas (patients from out-of-state may apply for a temporary in-state license)
  • Illinois
  • Maryland (travelers may enroll for an mmj card if they are attending the state for medical treatment)
  • Michigan
  • Missouri (authorizes possession only)
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington

How Does an MMJ Card Work?

A few years ago, getting a marijuana card was very difficult. One had to get permission from a doctor, then go to a state medical agent for his approval and so on. Nowadays, the internet has made it easy for everyone to get a valid medical card at home in those states permitting telemedicine; wherever you will be, you are just far away by a single click. Still, you are in need to get some approval, but the overall process is easy. Many people want to know and are worried about whether or not these medical cards are confidential, and if they get it done, their insurance will be alarmed. The answer to such queries is tricky as it is based on the laws of each state. If you are nervous about such problems, you should talk with a healthcare provider in your province to get a satisfactory answer.

Steps to Buy Cannabis in the Medically Legal States

People with qualifying medical situations in your medical marijuana program of your respective state may have the medical records and diagnosis needed for qualifying for a medical marijuana card.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Each state has laws regarding the various qualifying conditions for getting a valid medical card. People having these kinds of diagnoses can qualify to apply for the medical program state. Check the respective state’s list, and do not forget that these conditions are updated and added in some time intervals. Also, you can apply for a medical card if you are not falling on the list; that is why you are suggested to communicate with a marijuana doctor. Visit the conditions list of your state to check whether or not you are allowed to apply for the card. Here are some examples of medical marijuana conditions to qualify for getting a card.

• Arthritis
• Cachexia/wasting syndrome
• Chronic Pain
• Tinnitus
• Anxiety
• Arteriosclerosis
• Cancer
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Pneumonia
• Multiple sclerosis
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Epilepsy and seizures
• Glaucoma
• Gout & Arthropathy
• Inflammation
• Nausea
• Night terrors
• Sciatica
• Vertigo
• Dialysis & Kidney disease

At kifdoctors, we are always here to make getting a medical marijuana card as easy and quick as possible.

  • Locate a doctor and get a card. Sign up today with kifdoctors, and you can get an appointment with a professional doctor in your region to examine medical marijuana. If you are allowed to do so, you can start your application with the medical marijuana program of your state.
  • Find a dispensary. You can start locating the dispensary in your area as soon as you get your medical card in your hand.
  • Purchase your medical marijuana. Go to the dispensary in your area and start accessibility to get cannabis medicine.

Bottom line

It is good to see that various states in the United States and other countries are in a hurry to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. However, the advantages of getting a medical marijuana card are more than getting marijuana via recreational use. This is why it is always recommended to get a valid medical marijuana card as soon as possible. If you are going to fake the medication of CBD, it is necessary to talk to your marijuana doctor so that no negative impact will appear. Here you can get an appointment with the kifdoctors or experts to understand how you can use the products of cannabis to reduce your symptoms.

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