Why does weed make your eyes red? How to get rid of stoned eyes.

Why does weed make your eyes red? How to get rid of stoned eyes.

Although every cannabis user has a different relationship with the plant, there are a few obvious indications that a person has been using the drug. Indicators include insatiable cravings, bloodshot eyes, and unavoidable giggles. Whether you’ve smoked marijuana for a week or ten years, you’ve noticed your eyes are red after a session, and have you ever wondered why.

The reply to that question lies deep in the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, the many impacts of cannabinoids, and just what occurs when marijuana enters our bodies. stoned eyes are a common occurrence for both rookie and expert marijuana users.
We’ll also discuss edibles, vapes, and the best ways to get rid of weed eyes when you need to seem respectable in public.

Why Do You Get Red Eye From Marijuana?

Why does marijuana cause your eyes to turn red? Without going too further into the science, blood pressure and blood vessels are the key factors. The main psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, immediately raises heart rate and blood pressure as soon as it enters the body. The shock to your circulatory system can be compared to a brief game of pick-up basketball or a stroll around the block. However, unlike extended activity, blood pressure and heart rate will return to normal resting levels after ten minutes after the THC processing is over.

Blood vessels widen when blood pressure starts to drop. The ocular capillaries are where this phenomenon is most obvious, yet it occurs throughout the body. Your eyes rapidly start to look red and glazed over as more blood rushes to them. Also relieving intraocular pressure is the increased blood flow to the eyes. Since the 1990s, marijuana has been a mainstay in the treatment of glaucoma because the intraocular pressure is a major aggravating symptom of the condition. Red eyes are caused by increased blood flow to your ocular capillaries, however, hundreds upon thousands of glaucoma patients who use medicinal marijuana also experience alleviation because of this symptom.


How Does the Effect of Different Cannabinoids on Eye Redness?

THC use is closely linked to cannabis’s ability to make your eyes red. THC is what raises blood pressure and heart rate, which then results in the dilation of blood vessels in the eyes. In real terms, it implies that your eyes will turn redder the more THC you take.

However, those who become tolerant to THC may have a drastic reduction in eye redness. Regular marijuana users experience less variability in their blood pressure and heart rate, which results in lower levels of capillary dilatation, in the same way, that frequent cannabis use gradually lessens the intensity of intoxication. Similar to how THC users will have significantly more eye redness, CBD, CBG, or CBN users will experience the redness significantly less. In contrast to THC’s initial high, CBD, CBG. CBN is significantly less psychotropic and can even lower blood pressure, preventing the cardiovascular reaction and eventual red eyes that result from typical high THC cannabis.

Do edibles make your eyes red?

Similar to smoking a flower, the redness in the eye from edibles containing cannabis is completely dependent on the level of THC present in the product. Edibles with about 50g of THC chances of you getting extremely red eyes is very high. If you eat a brownie that is full of CBD but has only little milligrams of THC your eyes won’t be that much red which will help you in public as you won’t look much stoned. Traditional edibles take a little bit longer to make you high and create bloodshot eyes since the THC is metabolized by the liver instead of directly into the bloodstream.

A similar general principle can be applied in the case of vape cartridges, dabs, topicals, and other products which contains cannabis. The cardiovascular reaction that we have discussed will take place and it will become obvious that you have some potent habits when your choice of method of consumption has a fair quantity of THC. When you use the CBD vape or a CBN tincture people won’t be able to tell if you have consumed any THC.

What is the solution for stoned eyes?

Now that we are aware of the science behind bloodshot selfies and the cannabis products that cause them, it is time to discuss how to get rid of this annoying side effect. Cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I substance, and it can occasionally be useful for covering up relationships with Mary Jane. There are a few ways to hide red eyes if you need to attend a dinner party or a cooperate event right after a smoke session and don’t want to reveal that you need a little weed to make the event more fun.

First, find the eye drop aisle at your neighborhood convenience store or drugstore. Simple eye drops are terrific to remove the stoned look off your face fast and simply. Redness-reducing eye drops with active chemicals like tetrahydrozoline or naphazoline, which artificially constricts the blood vessels in the eye, can provide even more rapid relief. Although these products are completely harmless when used in moderation, overuse of them might dry out the eyes and can even make them redder.

Try to increase your water intake if you use eye drops too frequently and want an all-natural solution for those stoned eyes. While increased hydration won’t instantly clear up your red eyes, it will help alleviate any dryness that might be keeping them bloodshot. Finally, you can let time do its work and let your body naturally get rid of your red eyes. You might need to spend a few hours avoiding your family and your professors, but at least you won’t be staring fearfully into your front-facing camera.

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