When is the best time to harvest cannabis

When is the best time to harvest cannabis

Growing cannabis is an art as there are many types of cannabis that one can grow indoors or outdoors. Hence, it is necessary to know the tips and tricks to harvesting cannabis, the time of the year to grow cannabis, and the procedure to harvest it
When we talk about harvesting cannabis, then there are certain factors that we should keep in mind; they are:

  • Time of the year
  • Flowering cycle to harvest the cannabis
  • The hemisphere also matters, be it north or south, along with the harvest time and the time of plantation.
  • Growth pattern also matters if it is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.
  • The development of trichomes and glandular hairs is also instrumental as it contains terpenes and cannabinoids.

When can we harvest the cannabis?

  • You should not harvest cannabis if it is in the flowering period; first, you should check the colour.
    Even if the trichomes are clear, the hairs are translucent, and the plant has its glands, the time is not for harvest. The terpenes should be at peak concentration for harvest.
  • Milky trichomes are fit for harvest as the cannabinoids have peak production. They are cloudy and are more effective during this period.
  • Amber trichomes have flowers in the cannabinol, which can give sedative effects.
  • However, people prefer mixed trichomes; some prefer cloudy as that gives a cerebral effect, while some prefer amber trichomes to balance their head and body, while some only have it for sedative effect.
  • You should also check the color of the leaf before harvesting the cannabis; a perfect green color indicates that it is the perfect time to harvest.
  • Brown or yellow leaves show deficiencies in cannabis in terms of nutrition, or the root is rotten.
  • You should not overfeed the plant as it can also harm the plant either by discoloring the leaves or by rotting.
  • For a perfect result, you should grow cannabis in the soil.
  • If the plant turns brown, it means it’s decaying; you should harvest it as soon as possible.
  • You can also harvest cannabis but having a look at the shape of the bud; the cannabis is ready to harvest if the white pistil of the bud darkens and thickens.

Tips for harvesting cannabis

Here are some of the important tips that can help you in harvesting cannabis in any environment:

  • During the last week of the flowering period of the plant, one should not feed nutrients, as it can lead to nutrition deficiency, thereby leaving behind buds tainted buds.
  • Low-stress training is an exercise for your plant as it helps in yielding more cannabis and also increases the strength of the plant.
  • Low-stress training helps in tying and bending stems to increase bud production and helps in more growth.
  • Pruning is an essential thing for plants; you should prune the bottom leaves so that the bud production is more effective during the flowering period.

How to grow cannabis outdoors as well as indoors?

To grow cannabis outdoors, you should take these things into account:

  • The zone should be tropical or subtropical
  • Plant the cannabis, where you can plant it throughout the year
  • The best time suited to grow cannabis is during the spring season.
  • The best time to harvest cannabis is during the autumn season.
  • During the spring and summer seasons, the plant grows its root and extracts nutrients and resources beneficial for flowering and reproduction.
  • Cannabis takes 6 months to harvest from seeds.

Indoor- to grow cannabis indoors, you should take note of the following:

  • You can grow cannabis indoors throughout the year.
  • You should monitor the temperature for its perfect growth.
  • Indoor plantations of cannabis yield more harvest per year.
  • The indoor plantation of cannabis is called perpetual harvesting.
  • Cannabis takes 4 months to harvest from seeds.

Duration for the growth of cannabis

The growth of cannabis can be divided into four stages:

  • Seed germination stage- After 7 to 14 days, the sprouting in seeds occurs; for fresh seeds, the sprouting can take some days.
  • Stage of seedling- the seeds open at this stage, and the cannabis plant starts producing small round leaves like cotyledons, which later turn into serrated leaves. The leaves change into digitate leaves, and the stage lasts for about 2-3 weeks.
  • Vegetative stage- the plant grows roots that are stronger in this stage and prepares itself for the stage of flowering by storing energy, this stage can last up to 3-16 weeks.
  • Flowering stage- in this stage, the plant starts to form flowers and buds, and the cannabis ripens at this stage. You can harvest after 8-16 weeks in this period.


The flowering stage for both indoor and outdoor is the same; however, the vegetative period for the indoor plant is of shorter duration.

Strains of cannabis and their flowering period

  • Indica strain has 8 weeks duration to flower
  • Sativa strain (these plants are usually tall)has 12-16 weeks duration to flower.
  • Hybrid strains are short, long, tall, thin, or stout (a mix of indicia and Sativa strain) and take 6-12 weeks to flower.

Here are the names of the strain that grows faster, they are:

  • Red dwarf
  • Early girl
  • Speed queen
  • superglue

Here are the names of the strain that takes a longer duration to grow, they are:

  • Durban poison
  • Chocolate Thai
  • Malawi gold
  • Colombian gold

Well, some people often wonder if they can only harvest once from a cannabis plant. No, you can harvest twice or moret from a cannabis plant, which is called regeneration. Mainly experienced growers used this process; here is the trick to regenerate:

  • Prune the bushy plant
  • Avoid trimming during the flowering stage
  • Try to harvest the healthy buds at an early week, usually 6-7 weeks, and not at 8-9 weeks.
  • Prune in such a manner that the leaves and buds are intact.
  • Feed nitrogen to the plant during its flowering stage.
  • A 24-hour light cycle is needed for the plant to revegetate, and then you can harvest again.


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