Tips to grow marijuana at home

Tips to grow marijuana at home

Growing marijuana in the United States is legal. Many parts of the world also support its growth of it. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, people are more interested in growing weed plants for their own. In this way, they become self-dependent.

Use soil to grow the cannabis plant. There are five simple steps that one can follow to grow weed plants.


The primary step is to choose the seeds that are hard, dry and of dark colour. Next, buy seeds from an authentic source. There are two categories of seeds- feminized and non-feminized. They both serve different purposes. Feminized seeds are most preferred as they save time. Non-feminized seeds are used for the process of breeding. If the plants are not breeding, people will want to discard the male plants.

There are other options, like Sativa strains, that have an impact on increasing energy. In contrast, other indica have a calming effect and provide a sense of relaxation. You can also combine two different strains and make a hybrid mode out of them. The impact of the plants depends on their cannabinoid-terpenoid profile instead of their types like hybrid, Sativa or indica. There is also a difference in different types of cannabis and their impacts.

Germinate the seeds by soaking them in paper plates, and this process will take a few days to complete.


Transfer the seedlings to a growing source once they start to appear. Some people choose hydroponic setups, while others choose soil to grow the weed plants. It should be deep as 10 mm. Make sure that you do not overwater the plant but also don’t keep it dry. The plant should be kept damp.


Your plant will soon turn into a vegetative state. Then it will have certain requirements like giving sunlight for about eighteen to twenty-four hours with a temperature of 70 to 85 degrees. One will have to water the plants regularly and provide nutrients like nitrogen. In the case of non-feminized seeds, you will have to withdraw the male plants.
One can buy clones from a dispensary instead of choosing the right quality of seeds for germination. Hence, this will support you in getting the plant that requires less effort and no vegetation stage.


During this stage, the bud develops in the plant. The buds which grow are thick and fragrant. Then, a complete development occurs that makes the resin glands, hair and trichomes of buds and leads to the large size. It takes 12 hours of light and 12 hours of the dark cycle. At dark times, the light will leak the plant out, and that causes the plants to make seeds and hermaphroditism.

At the end of the flowering stage, give water to plants instead of nutrients and training.

The duration of the flowering stage depends on the type of cannabis strain. Mostly the plants finish their flowering between six to fourteen weeks. Sativa strain finishes between ten and fourteen weeks, and indica finishes between six and nine weeks. At the same time, hybrids finish the flowering between eight to twelve weeks. It is a common pattern which is followed. The flowering of the hybrid that expresses indica will finish quickly as compared to the hybrid that expresses Sativa.

Trichomes are the glandular hair of plants, determining the end of the flowering stage as they get to know about the formation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes mostly get clear, cloudy and then amber. Some individuals start harvesting between cloudy and amber. It is better to harvest when trichomes are amber. Doing it in a cloudy stage will be discomforting.


It takes five weeks to finish the process of trimming and curing. You will first cut the main stem and then hang the other parts dry. After going through all the difficult work, you can enjoy the harvesting and curing procedures. You need to do these five steps to grow a weed plant. It is a fun and affordable way to grow your own plant.

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