Ways of Using THC Syrup: Benefits And More

Ways of Using THC Syrup: Benefits And More

What Does THC Syrup Contain?

THC syrup contains cannabis extracts mixed with vegetable glycerine, sugar, and coconut oil. By transforming the psychoactive THC into a desirable edible, syrup has become an increasingly popular item in the states in recent years. In addition, it lasts long, and you can use it when required with no risk of abnormal consumption.

THC syrups are typically sweetened with sugar, making the taste desirable and unique. It becomes just like any other cough syrup and can be consumed when necessary. However, people with medical ailments should do proper research before consuming THC syrup. For instance, people with abnormal levels of diabetes should refrain from sugar. Thus, they should take medical advice before using THC syrup.

You will get THC syrups in small bottles in a dispensary. They are similar to cough syrup bottles, with THC indications clearly labeled. They can also be made at home with ingredients of your choice. In the latter case, you can add your favorite items, but try to follow the right recipe. You must also store it carefully to retain its nutritional and medical value.

How To Make THC Syrup At Home?

There are various methods of making THC syrups at home, mainly due to the different types of raw ingredients that you can use. However, the basic steps are as follows:

  • You need to decarboxylate the cannabis if you are using cannabis extracts from the plant. It helps to convert the THCA to THC for better storage and consumption. If you are using concentrated cannabis, you can skip the first step.
  • Make a simple syrup with sugar and water in equal parts. Bring the syrup to a boil in a container in order to dissolve the sugar. Once the sugar mixes, you can simmer down the heat.
  • Add the cannabis flower or extract to the syrup and heat it. The temperature should be medium and cook it for about 30 minutes. You can use a strainer to cover the cannabis extract and heat the mixture in this step. It can help you avoid straining the liquid at the end.
  • Add vegetable glycerine when the extract mixes appropriately. The potion of vegetable glycerine should be two tablespoons if you are using three cups of liquid or syrup.
  • Cook for another 5-10 minutes on low heat. You need to strain the syrup in order to remove plant extracts if any. Make sure to store the liquid in an airtight container for better usage.

Benefits Of Using THC Syrups

THC syrups provide similar benefits as that of any other cannabis edible items. It does not involve smoke, ensuring that the patients stay away from the ignition and smoking flowers. THC syrup also acts faster upon the body, unlike many other syrups. You will be able to feel the change as soon as 30 minutes after consuming the syrup. Therefore, waiting for the syrup to react is always advisable before taking another sip. There is no harm in having more, but you need to feel the change or effect.

Relief From Pain

THC syrup helps in pain relief and reduces inflammation in the body. It acts quickly, because of which many patients prefer THC syrup for regular use. It also does not involve concentration or smoke generation of any kind. Therefore, it is very easy to consume the liquid and wait for results. You will witness the changes right after you consume the syrup, typically within an hour or less.

Regulates Nausea

Studies prove that THC syrups successfully reduce nausea and vomiting symptoms in patients. Therefore, it is good medicine for people suffering from eating disorders, bowel irregularities, and IBS. It is also helpful in regulating the eating habits of patients undergoing chemotherapy for various cancer treatments. Use THC syrups in a fun way to make your meal enjoyable. It will also help you achieve mental peace and happiness.

Risk Factors And Side Effects Of Consuming THC Syrups

A high dosage of any cannabis product is strictly forbidden without medical supervision. THC syrups should also be consumed in small doses, especially for beginners. Consult a medical expert and examine your body for proper dosage details. Being a significant THC product, they can have serious side effects if not taken with the proper dosage. For instance, you may face dizziness, discomfort, or intoxication if you consume it in high amounts.

For instance, mixing alcohol with any THC product and consuming it after that can prove to be fatal. Studies prove that alcohol does not combine well with THC syrups, resulting in various psychopharmacological concerns when consumed together. You may use various other beverages like tea and juices, whereby you can mix the THC syrup and have it without any risk.

THC syrups are also made up of high levels of sugar. Therefore, it may not be suitable to consume in high doses, especially for people who have diabetes. This is why a proper medical checkup of your body is essential to ensure how much dosage of THC syrups will work best for you.

How Do I Use THC Syrup?

THC syrups contain various elements that are useful and medically approved, making them a desirable product. However, care should be taken while consuming it, and people should make sure that they are taking the right doses of the syrup for better treatments. Here are some ways of consuming THCsyrups.

Sublingual consumption

The cannabinoids in THC syrups can be taken directly under the tongue. It is a very simple method that requires little to no supervision during the consumption of THC syrups. You can use a dropper to consume the desired amount and hold it inside your mouth for a few seconds before you swallow it.

Mixed in drinks

You can also mix the right amount of THC syrup in your drink (tea, juice, etc.). It will add to the sweetness and make it taste better. However, you must avoid mixing THC syrups with alcohol and consuming it. You will face serious side effects, as mentioned by medical experts.

Add in your favorite recipes

THC syrup can be a natural sweetener and add to the flavor of many dishes. For instance, you can use it in your salad or top it with a waffle of your choice. Again, it helps you to consume the right amount for your treatment, and that too in a fun way.

Substitutes To THC Syrups

If you are not able to adjust the dosage of THC syrups, there are many more cannabis products readily available in dispensaries. It can be a smoking ingredient or edible items containing cannabis. You can also use tinctures to consume marijuana as and when required. Cannabis concentrates are yet another favorite way to consume marijuana for effective treatment options.

Should You Opt For THC Syrups For Your Treatment?

If you have been prescribed to consume medical cannabis, THC syrups can be a fun way of doing it. The syrups have the right concentration of marijuana, which can help you check your consumption. Then, simply adding it to your favorite meals or drinks, or gulping it down your throat will do the magic. It might be more concentrated than many other cannabis products, but the right dosages can help you extract the right benefits.


What is the difference between THC syrup and lean?

Lean is a type of cough syrup that was prescribed in early times. It used to be mixed with alcohol and other drinks for consumption. Here lies its distinctness from THC syrups. The latter cannot be consumed with alcohol as it will lead to unfavorable concentrations and result in fatal conditions.

THC syrups also do not contain codeine, unlike leans. The substance causes severe intoxication if taken in high amounts. Leans are highly addictive because of this reason.

Over the years, THC syrups have been considered to be the alternative to lean. This is because they are safe to consume and do not contain concentrated cannabis in such a high amount.

What dangers can happen if I consume THC syrups?

THC syrups are safe to use, obviously, with proper medical supervision. They have low levels of codeine or any other marijuana raw extracts. With proper dosage, you will experience numerous benefits of the product as and when required. However, a high dosage often causes dry mouth and anxiety symptoms in patients. THC syrups also have high sugar levels, so patients (especially those with diabetes) need to be careful before consuming them.

What are THC syrups used for?

THC syrups are excellent cannabis products that help to reduce physical and mental problems in individuals. You can treat nausea, inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress, and skin-related issues with THC syrups. Cancer patients can use THC syrup to reduce pain and discomfort during chemotherapy treatments. Consult our doctors at Kif Doctors to know more about the details.

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