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About Tennessee

Tennessee is located in the southeastern United States and is bounded by North Carolina to the north, Georgia to the south, Alabama to the west, and Mississippi to the east. The state has a population of over 10 million people and is home to over 100 cities and towns. Tennessee is known for its mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. There are many things to do in Tennessee including hiking, rafting, fishing, camping, skiing, biking, and horseback riding.

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Laws and Regulations of Cannabis Legalization in Tennessee

There are rules and regulations that monitor the use of Marijuana in Tennessee. Cannabis has not been legalized in Tennessee for recreational purposes but after 2020, there have been debates and amendments proposed in the General Assembly to legalize the medical use of Marijuana.

The senator made a statement referring to wasting time and resources on forcing laws on marijuana. If there can be a positive use of Marijuana that can save time and resources and provide medical aid to that, then there should be regulations that will help the patient and governing authorities regulate as well as monitor the use of cannabis and ensure the positive use of Cannabis. 

There have still been no clear amendments and laws in the field of Cannabis but medical cannabis has started to grow in the State of Tennessee under proper vigilance and strict regulations. 

Medical Cannabis is only given to patients who are under some terminal illnesses. There is a proper record of each and every individual in the State registry which is the body to ensure the legal supply and use of Cannabis.


What are the steps followed to get your MMJ card in Tennessee?

Medical Marijuana is a critical treatment that comes with a lot of rules and restrictions. There are many guidelines laid by the State Department of Health in various States of the United States. The guidelines must be followed in order to ensure that you can avoid all the hassle when you are looking forward to Medical Marijuana treatment. The State has laid strict rules on the sale and purchase of Marijuana, this is done in order to monitor and control the illegal selling and consumption of Cannabis in the State of Tennessee. To purchase Marijuana in the State officially for treatment purposes, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card in Tennessee. It is an official license approved by the State Medical authorities which certifies that a patient is in need of MMJ treatment. Let’s take a look at the steps that are needed to be followed in order to obtain your MMJ card.

Submission of the Online Application

The State Department of Health hosts an application on its website which is the first step you need to go through while applying for your Medical Cannabis Card in Tennessee. There are many things that you have to fill in the application. The application requires your name, age, gender, medical history, background check, and residential proof. In order to apply for an MMJ card, you must also prove that you are a resident of Tennessee. The documents which you can provide in the residential proof can be your passport, voter’s ID, bank statements, birth certificate, driving license, or any state-issued ID. Fill in all the correct information and authentic documents because there is a cross verification of the information that you have provided. The registration fee is non-refundable as well.

Go through an MMJ Evaluation

Once your application gets verified, you have to book an appointment with a Medical Cannabis Doctor in Tennessee. These are specialized doctors in the field of Medical Marijuana with years of experience in medical cannabis. They are also known as 420 doctors. These doctors carry out an evaluation where the patient is closely examined on the contemporary medical conditions and diagnose if the patient is suffering from any terminal illnesses. It plays a crucial role in the duration of treatment to select the best MMJ doctor to carry out the evaluation session. There are many false clinics available on the Internet when you look for options. Always check if the MMJ doctor is licensed and has a successful history with Medical Cannabis patients. It may be required that the patient is asked to submit the previous medical records to confirm and examine the effects of MMJ treatment in that case. This is the 420 evaluation, which ultimately helps the doctor decide if Medical Marijuana treatment is suitable for any patient or not.

Obtain Your Certificate

The result of the evaluation determines your certification. After the 420 evaluation in Tennessee, the 420 doctors give you an approval in the form of written recommendations or a certificate which can be received on your email id. If the doctor finds you in need of the MMJ treatment, they approve your MMJ card. The validity of the MMJ card is generally one year from the date of approval. After a year, you can get the card renewed but again you need to go through an evaluation process just to confirm if your medical conditions still need Medical Marijuana treatment.

Here, at KIF clinics, we provide the best solutions to all your medical queries. We help you get the best guidance in medical marijuana treatment with the best Medical Cannabis Doctors in Tennessee. From excellent support staff to a perfect atmosphere, KIF clinics help the patient at each and every step and provide quick results for the treatment. The costs are minimal for all the services and all the procedures are carried out under the vigilance of the State guidelines.

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Qualifying Conditions that have been chosen for MMJ treatment

There are only limited conditions that allow the patients in Tennessee to go under the Medical Marijuana program. These conditions are registered as qualifying conditions that are looked at and examined by the doctor during the 420 evaluation in Tennessee. Without the presence of a qualifying condition, the doctor cannot recommend a Medical Marijuana program to a patient. These conditions have been studied through thousands of research and observations. Conclusively, these conditions are proven to get better with the help of Medical Marijuana treatment.

Patients who have an uncontrolled seizure disorder, including epilepsy, are registered in an authorized clinical research study and are under the care of a certified medical doctor, or hospital, they are eligible for Medical Marijuana treatment in Tennessee.



There is no defined set of laws for Caregivers in the State of Tennessee. Only approved patients can purchase low concentrated Cannabis with a licensed doctor’s prescription. You cannot designate a caregiver to yourself even if you are a minor. No other person can purchase, sell or transport Marijuana on the behalf of a registered patient.


Possession and Cultivation laws

You are not allowed to possess Marijuana or Cannabis oil in a large amounts. You can only purchase a minimum amount of low concentrated Cannabis which must be prescribed by your MMJ doctor. Any other form of Cannabis is treated as illegal and can be treated as a felony in a court of law. You cannot cultivate marijuana in Tennessee. It is also treated as a criminal offense with a heavy penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: No, the use of Marijuana is not allowed for recreational purposes.

Ans: Yes, you can get it done through video conferencing from your home.

Ans: You cannot designate a caregiver as per the current laws of Tennessee.

Ans: You have to be 18 years or above in age.