Trichomes Are The Key That Controls Cannabis Potency

There have been several theories about what controls the fragrance or potency of cannabis. Fortunately, today people have an answer. Experts conducted a study in 2019 that has come up with trichomes. These creek homes are mushroom-shaped heads and microscopic on the cannabis plant, playing a crucial role in the effects consumers experience from the cannabis.

It is because trichomes contain most of the cannabinoids in plants, which are active chemical compounds, while the terpenes include aromatic compounds. Furthermore, these compounds determine how the cannabis will smell, taste, or make us feel.

How can you store cannabinoids and terpenes?

Both elements include Metabolites, the main Pythocannabinoid in the Cannabis Sativa, which is formed from carbohydrates besides sunlight metabolism. You might be wondering what looks like small transparent hair on the cannabis flower. Well, you need to know that these hairs are known as trichomes, which store the phytocannabinoid that are present all over the leaves and buds of the plant. It is also believed that at least 90% of the total THC contained in this plant would be stored in the tree, which is the only reason experts look forward to learning more.

The researchers must also understand how trichomes make and keep the products in 2019. They have discovered that ultraviolet light also assists them in monitoring the trick on the maturity of the cannabis flowers. They will determine optimal harvest times visually.

The research team also found that trichomes feature flat shape precursors emitting a red light. They also have a small secretory disk. The stalked trichomes grew out of the precursors and have undergone an enormous change that could be seen under the microscope.

Different types of cannabis trichomes

Researchers came up with three types of trichomes that were seen on the plant, which wouldn’t have been possible without the UV lights or the equipment.

Bulbous trichomes

They are small pointed structures appearing on the cannabis plant’s surface. They are the tiniest trichomes and would not be visible to humans. It is said that they are responsible for secreting the reasons in cannabis.

Capitate sessile trichomes

The trichomes mainly develop before the cannabis plant flowers even start growing. These trichomes look flat and sit on the plant’s skin. They are generally found on the underside of the leaves of the plant.

Capitate stalked trichomes

These trichomes generally clock in at 50 to 100 meters and are one of the most abundant types on Monday visible to the naked eye. They’re commonly found on the flower surface instead of the leaves. The mushroom-shaped stocks mainly form during the flowering phase of the growth and are heavily involved in producing terpenes. Due to the role and visibility, these pre-comes largely determine when the cannabis would be ready to harvest.

Why do trichomes exist?

The trichomes production depends on different factors like genetics and environmental elements, including heat, oxygen, and physical contact. Cannabis trichomes are essential because, without them, the plant would not have any medical properties that it might enjoy over its sister plants, including him.

They will help absorb water, nutrients, moisture from the soil and protect them from sunlight, extreme heat and fungal growth. Furthermore, trichomes grow on the plant and work as a defensive mechanism and arbiter besides tasting acidic to small birds and insects, threatening the plant. This will allow the cannabis flowers to reach maturity safely.

When is the harvest time?

Some experts plan the harvest when the trichome has the most vital reason inside, while others look forward to the maximum amount of flowers to be harvested or strike a balance between both.

Irrespective of whether you want to try your hand at growing or are an experienced cultivator of cannabis, you need to understand the difference between Milky or amber trichomes, which is essential for harvesting cannabis flowers when the time is right. The best time to harvest for the best potencies must be available for that strain when cannabis trichomes become at least 50% cloudy with rest that hasn’t earned a shade of amber.

Clear trichomes

The clear trichomes start to develop on the plant when the leaves are at the vegetative stage, and the flowering process starts. The color is translucent when the trichome glands start producing the reason, and production is at its peak.


Cloudy trichomes

The trichomes are getting close to the desired outcome whenever you see them in a cloudy color, but they are not yet ready to be harvested. This is when you start keeping a tab on the plant more closely. When at least 50 to 70% of the plant has turned cloudy, the rest would have turned amber, and you should quickly harvest it if you are looking for a strong effect. Most cultivators end up reaping the plant when 50% of the trichomes are cloudy in color.

Amber trichomes

When trichomes are arranged in any color from amber to brown, this is when the plant has reached complete maturity.




While looking at the plants’ trichomes to understand when to harvest, remember to have a strong magnifying glass in hand. Trichomes are very tiny and are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Several growers also keep an eye out on the pollen sacs that can grow on the cannabis plant, indicating that the plant is male and contains minimum cannabinoids.

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