Medical Marijuana License When Pregnant

What Are Some of The Things You Should Know Before Obtaining a Medical Marijuana License When Pregnant?

A few years back, medical marijuana became popular and many countries are in the process of legalizing its usage. Current data trends indicate that the use of the drug is significantly increasing, with a study showing that women aged 24 and below tested positive of marijuana. Cannabis use by pregnant and lactating women is increasing, though it is difficult to establish the prevalence of cannabis use during pregnancy. The dynamic nature of the reasons for use across stages speaks to participant perception of benefits and risks, and a desire to cast cannabis use during pregnancy is therapeutic because of perceived stigma.

The confirmed reason as to why a large number of pregnant women take marijuana is to treat morning sickness and nausea during the first months of pregnancy. Also, there are many other reasons that make pregnant and lactating mothers take marijuana. These reasons include, coping up with unpleasant but not pathologized experiences of life and seeking sensation for fun and enjoyment to improve moods.

Smoking during the pregnancy period causes some defect to the fetus so the best way to take the medical marijuana is through mixing it with foods such as candies and brownies. If you are pregnant and you want a medical marijuana license then the reviews on this article will help you.

Science Reviews on Pregnancy and Medical Marijuana

If you are reading this article then there is one question in your head, does medical marijuana affect the child’s development during pregnancy? According to a review of research, there is no evidence or well controlled studies to support the effect of medical marijuana on the baby. The question of medical marijuana consumption on pregnant women has heated up debates with science experts making valid arguments that the health of a mother is important during pregnancy. 

After six years of research in Swinburne university, results show that medical cannabis exposure does not cause impairment on the fetus. 2 years ago, there was an arising issue that cannabis use during pregnancy could lead to cognitive impairment to children. This led to interested parties carrying out research on this topic. The results revealed that there were no significant statistical differences between two kids who were reportedly exposed to cannabis during pregnancy and those who were not.

However, the form in which you take it will greatly matter, keeping in mind that smoking or inhaling any kind of drug is harmful to both the mother and the fetus. It is good if you use it in an edible or ingestible form but scientists recommend visiting a nearby dispensary for specialized information that will help you come up with a good decision.

Things To Consider When Applying for a Medical Marijuana License

‘I wish I knew’ is a short statement that comes after making decisions in a rush. Before taking a step of acquiring a medical marijuana license, it’s important to follow some important tips and guidelines on how to go about it. If you have done more research and decided that you really need a medical marijuana license, this is what you should do.

  • Seek Advice from a Doctor or Any Medical Specialist Near You.

Having a conversation with a health specialist on matters concerning medical marijuana is not an easy task especially if the specialist is the one taking you through your pregnancy period. It is stated that a large percentage of women fear seeking legal advice because the specialist will advise them to stay away from the substance, and this makes them consult the cannabis suppliers. Obviously, budtenders and hospital employees will have knowledge on cannabis, but they are not professionals therefore you should avoid them in any way. When it comes to the life of an unborn child, please seek advice and information from a more reliable skilled source.

  • Know the Policies Governing the Use of Cannabis in Your Region

In the United States, every territory has its own rules and regulations driving the use of marijuana, so it’s better to know what your locality states. Recently, a number of states have passed a bill to legalize the use of medical marijuana with a license or medical marijuana card. Each state also has its own conditions that make you qualify to get this license, so read carefully about these regulations presented by the states’ health department. 

  • Apply for a Medical Marijuana License if Your State Requires One.

If you happen to live in a state where the use of cannabis is not legalized as a method of recreation, it is good and better if you apply for a medical marijuana license. Each area has its own process of application, but usually a doctor has to complete a medical evaluation, if approved you will have to fill a certain form that will be submitted to the health department and pay the required fee.

Alternatives to Medical Marijuana

As I stated earlier, there is no evidence to show that medical marijuana has severe effects on the mother or fetus. However, if your country does not permit its use then you might consider shifting to other alternatives. Recently, a number of studies revealed that there are two main cannabinoids that have been approved for medicinal use. They include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). In some states the drugs have been approved to treat nausea in pregnant women. In the United States, the cannabinol that is legalized has 0.3% THC, this clearly means that it is intoxicated and would not generate any effects on the mother or the developing fetus. This is a good alternative to people who do not have access to cannabis due to the rules of the state. 

Conclusion on Pregnancy and Medical Marijuana License

With the help of this information, as an adult it is your choice to make a decision of whether you should consume medical marijuana during pregnancy or not.  Although many states do not recommend the use of medical marijuana, further research must be done for more understanding on these substances. As a pregnant woman also, you should do more research and educate yourself on all the pros and cons of cannabis so that you can make a good decision ultimately for you and your child. Avoid contacting cannabis retailers and sellers on information about marijuana because very few are genuine and they will give you a one-sided advice for self-satisfaction because they too need customers.

We just hope you found this information helpful and its important to keep in mind that marijuana consumption is a sole decision of the user.

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