Things You Need to Know About PGR Cannabis

The idea may seem unusual or strange for those who have never smoked or ingested cannabis, but in reality, it’s just another plant like any other. While it’s completely legal to buy, possess, and consume cannabis in many states now, there are still several things that first-time consumers should know before taking their first puff.

What is it?

Phytogenic Regulation, or PGR for short, is a new way of regulating cannabis plants; the p stands for the plant. The chemical compound that Phytogenics utilizes is CDP-Choline, a natural regulator in both animal and human cells.
It’s been used extensively in the medical community as an effective agent to control cell growth in cancer treatment and reduce alcohol dependency and addiction.

Unlike traditional cannabis cultivation, with Phytogenics, you won’t have to worry about unhealthy moulds being brought on by excess humidity or other harmful substances being introduced into your body through inhalation. It’s a purer way of consuming cannabis.

Where is it legal?

Currently, the United States has not made any states where it is legal to sell or use cannabis. Because of this, many people believe that it is a drug and do not want its legalization.

Many different plants share the same genetic profile as cannabis but do not have the active chemical compound THC.

These are sold in markets all over the country. But, for example, you cannot find companies such as hemp or marijuana at farmer’s markets in California due to restrictions on when they can be grown and harvested for sale.
With so much confusion about what can and cannot be sold with high levels of THC, entrepreneurs may have trouble starting a business around this plant.

How will this change weed?

The introduction of cannabidiol (CBD) for medical use has been life-changing for many. CBD contains no THC, meaning you can’t get high or addicted.

With higher doses, patients can reduce their dependence on opioids while relieving pain and nausea with fewer side effects.

As more states legalize the drug and research continues, we hope that CBD will similarly help other people as it has helped them and their family members.

Who can use it?

PGR stands for plant growth regulator, and it’s made with a growth inhibitor that targets specific plant cells. It can be used on cannabis plants as a herbicide or fertilizer and is commonly applied to your soil before planting.
Farmers apply it to cannabis plants during the flowering stage, which can significantly slow the buds’ growth. Using PGR slows down the flowering rate, so you end up with smaller, denser flowers, making harvesting much more accessible and ensuring they ripen faster while still maintaining their original flavour, potency, and terpene levels.
It’s non-toxic, so there are no harmful effects when people handle or consume it – only these smaller, denser buds.

What are the effects?

Nowadays, more and more people are turning towards PGR cannabis as an alternative treatment option.
More and more reports have been coming in of doctors recommending it, so it makes sense that there’s been an uptick in public knowledge surrounding its effects. Read on for the top ten things you need to know about this exciting new form of medical marijuana.

According to this 2014 report from Medical News Today, Cannabigerol (CBD) is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s therapeutic properties.

Are there side effects?

Progeria is a rare genetic condition that causes your body to age quickly. What’s more, it is estimated that only 1 in every 3 million children are born with Progeria – so the chance of you or someone close to you developing it is slim.
However, if you are already showing early signs of ageing, then be sure to consult a doctor as quickly as possible.
Chronic stress and insomnia have been linked with pre-exposure symptoms (early onset), while rapid weight gain and high cholesterol levels have been linked with late-onset symptoms.

Is it addictive?

This is a question that remains largely unanswered. It has been hypothesized that marijuana use may result in cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) in some patients and lead to the development of cannabinoid dependence. Still, the evidence for this connection is limited at best.

Moreover, there are no studies about the long-term effects of using cannabis on addictive properties.

Is there an age limit for use?

Under the law, you must be at least 19 years of age to possess and consume cannabis. However, adults over 18 may consume if they are in a private residence and not smoking in public.

Smoking cannabis in any public place or space is prohibited. In addition, anyone under the age of 18 shall not smoke, purchase or possess more than three ounces (or 8-10 joints) total in any one month, regardless of where it is used.

Where do I find it?

If you’re wondering where you can find potent cannabis or a PGR marijuana strain, then look no further than your local dispensary.

Dispensaries have been popping up recently as medical marijuana has become legal in many states. Just check out our dispensary locator and see if any are close by so, you can start shopping for high-quality strains that offer better pain relief with fewer side effects than traditional meds.

While some dispensaries carry their line of strains, others stock products from dozens of different producers, allowing them to have many pot products at various price points and strengths.

If many people are using it, why don’t I hear more about it in mainstream news?

There are many reasons. One of the most likely is that it’s often smoked as oil, which means you can’t see what’s happening in public.

That brings about another reason why we don’t hear about PGR cannabis much in the mainstream news: it doesn’t show up on drug tests for THC. (There’s also a widespread stigma and prejudice around using any form of marijuana.)

Another possible explanation is that this form of marijuana has been around for a long time, and people have become familiar with it. And finally, PGR cannabis may not be talked about much because it’s not readily available to people in many areas (due to state laws).

While there are many reasons why this type of marijuana may not get talked about much outside those who use it or have heard about it from others, one thing is sure: You must know what this type of marijuana is if you’re considering trying something new or if someone offers it to you.


PGR Cannabis is different from traditional marijuana because it’s much easier to grow and grow in controlled environments. PGR cannabis is more likely to be used recreationally than medicinally due to its potency and ease of access. However, many still use it to treat chronic conditions like glaucoma or multiple sclerosis symptoms. If you or someone you know has an interest in using PGR cannabis or wants to learn more about what this particular product offers, these are the top things you need to know about PGR cannabis.

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