Can We Treat Vertigo With Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana For Vertigo

Anyone who has undergone vertigo is aware of how devastating it can be while your environment seems as they are moving or spinning around you.

Vertigo can occur due to many reasons; however, it is not easy to spot the signs. The deferral of diagnosis can result in tough situations for the sufferers as most of them feel nausea, vomiting, and loss of steadiness that can be there for some seconds or continue for some days. The condition can also turn out to be chronic. However, it must be worked up on time to prevent potentially severe causes.

There is a great connection between Vertigo with marijuana. As lots of patients report vertigo as a side effect of cannabis usage, the researchers deem that it directly influences our vestibular system in medically significant ways.

The part of our brain liable for keeping up balance and posture is known as VNC or Vestibular Nucleus Complex. These are positioned within the medulla and pons parts of the brain and work together with the cerebellum to aid us with observing where our head is placed, how quickly it is moving, and transforming muscle quality.

Does Weed Help Vertigo?

It’s good to check with a medical doctor in the first place to agitate the potential causes of Vertigo counting the severe ones such as cancer or stroke. However, there are not many studies on curing Vertigo with medicinal cannabis; researchers think that it might aid in improving the signs of Vertigo.

It was found in a 2016 meta-analysis that there is potential in using marijuana in sufferers for lowering anxiety, vomiting, dizziness and confusion. The study entailed more than 100 patients and centred on children, though it serves as preliminary proof that anxiety, dizziness, vomiting, and confusion might be successfully improved with Cannabidiol and other cannabidiol products.

Alleviating the Signs of Vestibular With Marijuana

The potential of medical marijuana to aid in curing your Vertigo is expected to be based on the reason of the sign. For instance, in case your vertigo is occurred due to inflammation of the inside ear, medical marijuana might aid in lowering it by curbing the immune system and changing how your body restores inflammation.

Also, medical marijuana has been utilized for a long period as an antiemetic or medication for curbing nausea.

As a research, it has been proved that endocannaboid system potentially has functionality within the VNS in same manner that the hippocampus and cerebellum cannabinoid receptors are entailed in neural pliability in lasting depression.

What Are Different Types Of Vertigo?

Vertigo signs might be the outcomes of a peripheral vestibular disorder. They can occur due to a central vestibular disorder, as well. Read further for more details on Peripheral and Central Vertigo.

1. Peripheral Vertigo

This type of vertigo is caused by problems in the ear or a peripheral vestibular disorder. The parts of the ear that are inside that control steadiness can also be known as semi-circular canals, or vestibular labyrinth.

Peripheral vertigo might also be caused by the vestibular nerve that is located between the brainstem and the inner ear. Below we have mentioned other reasons for peripheral vertigo:

  •       Swelling of the inside ear
  •       Medications like cisplatin, salicylates, diuretics, or aminoglycoside antibiotics.
  •       Swelling of the vestibular nerve
  •       Head injuries like concussions or other traumatic brain injuries.


2. Central Vertigo

The central vertigo generally occurs due to the issues within the brainstem or the cerebellum, which is the rear part of the brain. Following are a few causes of central vertigo:

  •       Stroke
  •       Blood vessel disease
  •       Cancerous/ non-cancerous tumors
  •       Multiple sclerosis
  •       Medicines like aspirin, and anticonvulsants.
  •       Vestibular migraines
  •       Seizures

What Are The Distinctions Between Disequilibrium, Vertigo, And Dizziness?

Disequilibrium, vertigo, and dizziness are all regarded as common signs with various causes and illnesses like multiple sclerosis, vestibular neuritis, and the common cold. Let us closely discuss each of these signs:

1. Disequilibrium

Disequilibrium is the sensation of being shaky or unstable. It usually comes with spatial or visual confusion.

2. Vertigo

Vertigo is a bit similar to dizziness, but its major defining trait is that it leads to the sensation of either you or the room near you is spinning or moving. In case you see recurrent episodes of vertigo that can last only some seconds or for days, this means that this sign can be a major sign of any kind of vestibular or inner ear dysfunction.

3. Dizziness

This is a feeling that can be described as a feeling of haziness or instability. It can be caused by vestibular dysfunction neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic, and vision issues.

CBD and Vertigo?

CBD is not likely to aid those suffering from Vertigo. Still, it might aid with the related signs, such as nausea.

A 2016 research on animals proved that CBD lowers nausea in rats, whereas studies of people going through chemotherapy proved that a mixture of THC and CBD might aid with treatment-induced nausea.

However, the available research on nausea and CBD mainly centres on chemo-associated nausea and not nausea associated to vertigo.

Can It Make Vertigo Poorer Instead Of Alleviating It?

If you suffering from vertigo, it is likely that CBD could result in dizziness. As per a few studies on marijuana, dizziness is noted as a side effect.

A 2020 study of folks going through chemo discovered that even if CBD and THC together aided in lowering nausea and vomiting, about 31 % of participants sensed mild or serious dizziness, or sedation.

In a 2017 research, it was found that participants who consumed 600 mg of cannabidiol had lower blood pressure compared to the placebo group. But, the research was quite small having just 9 male participants.

Cannabis consumed in low dosages every day can avert vertigo episodes. Besides that, it can also be taken at the starting of a vertigo episode to alleviate its signs.

Is It Safe to Use CBD?

WHO (World Health Organization) thinks that it is safe to take cannabidiol. However, it is likely to sense moderate side effects such as fatigue, appetite changes, diarrhoea, and weight changes.

Irrespective of the shortlist of side effects, you must consult a physician if you are using any medicines and thinking about taking cannabidiol. It is expected for cannabidiol to interact with specific medicines, for example, those having a grapefruit warning.

In addition, as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sends warnings to cannabidiol companies mislabelling their products, the organization does not standardize CBD goods similarly like it does with prescription medicines. This implies that not every CBD product is safe to use as they may not have what is shown on the label.


Medical cannabis is a multipurpose medication that can be utilized without any adverse effects or intoxication with the know-how of deciding on a medical strain. For using this medication in an effective way, every patient must be aware of the strain types, ways to take the medication, dosing, and THC/CBD proportions.

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