Medical Cannabis for Scoliosis

Medical Marijuana For Scoliosis

Suffering from scoliosis can be both stressful and painful. The more curved your spinal cord becomes because of scoliosis, the more agonizing the situation is. This can make you incompetent to live life the best.

Typically, a medical practitioner will suggest therapy, surgery, or bracing for mild to severe scoliosis. Unfortunately, all these procedures can upsurge the discomfort you feel. Moreover, they can further inflame your spinal cord and the nearby tissue.

Doctors or medical practitioners usually recommend pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines for easing the signs of scoliosis. However, opiate-based medication can develop an addiction, harm the liver, or bring about other side effects.

A significant percentage of patients take cannabis as an alternative for possibly detrimental painkillers and, at times, futile anti-inflammatory medicine.  You can take cannabis for easing your revival stage and keep away from the side effects of other medications.

What Are The Causes And Signs Of Scoliosis?

Since medical practitioners believe that genetics might be the reason behind scoliosis, reports from Mayo Clinic suggest that hereditary disabilities and injuries in the spinal cord can be the cause, too.

The condition of scoliosis can cause damage to both lungs and heart while also leading to problems in the back that can significantly impact look.

Scoliosis signs take in bumpy shoulders, having one blade bulging higher compared to the other, and a rutted waist that results in the right or left hip being higher than the contrary side. In case the situation gets poorer, as per the Mayo Clinic, the spinal cord can bend, making the ribs on either side of the body bulge. The condition is usually detected by directing neurological tests to check muscle potency, strange reflexes, and numbness.

Braces and surgery are the two most common therapies for treating scoliosis. However, it depends on the advancement of the ailment, having surgeons, at times, put a rod close to the spinal cord to aid it in growing without curving.

Scoliosis Medical Marijuana

As surgery and braces aid to bend the spine back to normal, condition therapy can lead to severe pain, and even worse, in the procedures that can bring about discomfort and swelling. Many conclusive evidence proves that medical marijuana can alleviate the swelling in numerous ailments, making certain signs more manageable.

A recent medical report gauged the efficiency of marijuana as an add-on to an opioid-based pain relief treatment. It came across that about 27 % of the patients could lessen opiates they had to consume when sensing a similar degree of relief from their discomfort.

Another research analysed the pain-relieving benefits of weed for patients suffering from severe pain. Those who smoked three weed cigarettes each day sensed 34 % less discomfort than those who did not take weed.

Weed can act as an anti-inflammatory, too. While going through the report on the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, the experts came across that they can ease inflammation brought about by various conditions. 

CBD also has the potential to ease the inflammation caused by fibromyalgia, postoperative pain, chronic pain, arthritis, etc.

It has been discovered that medicinal cannabis has many healing properties. However, it can’t realign your spinal cord. Only an expert in the medical field or a specialist can aid in placing your joints and bones back in their position to fix the problem.

But, with Scoliosis medical marijuana, you can handle its signs. If you go for surgery to repair your spinal cord, you can too use marijuana for the treatment of post-surgical symptoms.

Can you get a medical card for scoliosis?

Spine disorders, including scoliosis and spinal cord injury with spasticity, can be successfully treated using medical marijuana. The states of Florida and New York enable the use of cannabis for these conditions.

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