Can We Treat Lyme disease With Medical Cannabis?

Medical Marijuana For Lyme Disease

As per the CDC, Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne ailment in the US. This happens in human beings while a nerve is infected with Borrelia burgdoferi and bites anybody, spreading the bacterium.

The signs of Lyme disease can be fever, fatigue, and headache. In case it is not treated at all, it can spread to the joints, nervous system, and heart, as well. The good news is that this ailment has been acknowledged as a qualifying disease for medical cannabis in many states in the US.

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Medical Cannabis Lyme Disease

Quite a few studies have proved a statistical connection between cannabis therapy, the endocannabinoid system, as well as curing Lyme disease.

Medical marijuana has inflammatory properties that have been associated with giving possible relief from a few of the Lyme disease signs and many mental benefits such as lowering depression and anxiety levels. Its pain-relieving properties make it a worthwhile therapy for Lyme disease. Signs like anxiety, pain, depression, etc., have proven to be successfully cured and controlled with cannabis.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Medical Marijuana for Lyme disease?

Below is the list of side effects of medical marijuana for Lyme disease:

  1.     Memory
  2.     Mood
  3.     Sleep
  4.     Fatigue
  5.     Paranoia
  6.     Appetite
  7. Reaction time

Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome?

In general, Lyme disease infections are treated with a course of oral antibiotics. Some can witness signs post-treatment for more than 6 months. Many may carry on to experience fatigue, pain, and trouble thinking.

Researchers think that these patients’ first infections activate auto-immune reactionS, and that is the reason they continue to have the signs. Others think that these patients experience lasting effects as their Lyme infections weren’t first noticed.

Authorization of Medical Marijuana Therapy for Lyme Disease

A few years ago, a bill was suggested to the NJ State House of Representatives that would include Lyme disease and post-lyme disease syndrome in qualifying ailments for an MMJ card. Serious anxiety and insomnia were included in House Bill 461. But, the bill didn’t pass since these ailments are not registered as qualifying medicinal marijuana diseases in New Jersey.

Marijuana Effects on Lyme Disease Signs

1. Nausea

Taking marijuana medications on a regular basis can be beneficial for controlling nausea. It can control and stop bouts of nausea caused by various conditions. Besides that, it can tempt hunger, letting patients have food and regain their strength.

2. Fatigue

If you are experiencing fatigue due to lyme disease, there can be a couple of reasons. The disease can kill one’s strength, giving a feeling of tiredness. It can even stop patients from getting sufficient sleep at night. Cannabis can alleviate both of these reasons. Sativa strains can improve strength, whereas Indica strains can encourage sleep.

3. Depression

Medical marijuana straightway influences the cannabinoid receptors that influence mood. A lot of individuals who go through depression get help with the uplifting properties of cannabis.

4. Pain

Lyme disease can make you feel pain in various parts of your body, counting your head, joints, muscles, and many. Cannabis is an effective herb for treating severe pain.

5. Seizures

Seizures is among the least common side effects of lyme disease. But, seizures can turn out to be pretty severe in some individuals. Cannabis is a clinically proven medication for seizures. Some patients have witnessed a dramatic improvement in numerous incidents they experience.

6. Inflammation

Compared to aspirin, medical Marijuana is much more effective as an anti-inflammatory. This can help in easing both joint pain and muscle pain. As the immune system kicks into overdrive, inflammation generally takes place. Both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) function with the endocannabinoid system of our body to curb that reaction.

Suitable Methods to Take Medical Marijuana

1. Tinctures and edibles

Consuming infused cannabis edibles or cannabis oil has proved to be a great method to cure Lyme disease. As you take cannabis-infused edibles or put the products under the tongue, it lets the cannabinoids target the bacteria that result in lyme more directly.

2. Vaping or smoking

Inhalation of weed smoke is less effective at curing the bacteria that lead to Lyme disease. But, if you are undergoing nausea or chronic pain, this method lets medical cannabis ease your signs more swiftly. Many medical practitioners, though, advice their patients not to smoke since smoking can damage their lungs permanently.

3. Topicals and transdermal patches

CBD cream can be used directly to rash outbursts. Topicals can even aid in easing joint pain while applied at the time of flare-ups. This kind of medicine seeps straight into the skin over the affected part. Transdermal patches are too used straight onto the skin. Somewhat similar to a nicotine patch, it lets medicines be released over an elongated period, bringing lasting help.

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