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Medical Marijuana For Lupus

About Lupus

This is a chronic condition that causes extreme inflammation all through the body. The bad news is that it is an autoimmune ailment and when your immune system must be combating toxins, in a patient suffering from lupus, it’s, in fact, attacking healthy tissue. This can cause significant pain.

Lupus can affect almost every body part, such as joints, skin, bones, organs like the heart, brain, lungs, etc. Also, this condition is regarded as a qualifying ailment for cannabis therapy in the USA.

Lupus is a very widespread problem affecting over 20000 people annually in the US. For most of these people, their situation is chronic and enduring. Since this health condition can’t be treated, there are numerous treatment alternatives to deal with the symptoms and offer respite to the patients.  Every single patient will experience fluctuating symptoms that can range from serious to moderate.

Treatment might be recommended by your practitioner. However, some choose to take cannabis for treating this ailment.

In many studies, it has been proved that marijuana for lupus can result in a calming effect on the signs. Marijuana consumption might aid in alleviating soreness for patients suffering from lupus.

In a nutshell, with marijuana therapy or medication, those undergoing lupus might feel relieved and see improvement in their lifestyle.

If anyone in your family is undergoing such a condition, then it is better to look for a certified marijuana doctor in the town.

What Are The Signs Of Lupus?

  1.     Hair loss
  2.     Joint pain
  3.     Difficulty in breathing
  4.     Fatigue
  5.     Fever
  6.     Photosensitivity

The symptoms of lupus differ, and each one is responsible to affect the quality of lifestyle. Besides pain, fever, rash, hair loss, those undergoing this problem also experience chest pain with deep breaths.

Apart from using medications, you might have to take medications for issues associated with lupus. These can be infection, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. Some therapies incorporate drugs that improve flare-ups, inflammation, and aid in strengthening the immune system.

Medical Marijuana for Lupus

THC and CBD both are components of marijuana having anti-inflammatory properties. In many studies, it has been found that CBD and THC, including other active cannabinoids, might have some benefit in curing chronic conditions like lupus.

Also, the pain-alleviating properties of the drug have proven to bring possible relief to the distressing signs of lupus.

Changes in appetite, paranoia, sleep memory, mood, fatigue, and reaction time are a few side effects of taking medical marijuana for lupus.

FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sanctioned one drug having CBD (cannabinoids) for the treatment of seizures related to 2 severe types of childhood epilepsy. It has even sanctioned 3 medicines having artificial cannabinoids that might aid in the treatment of cancer signs or the side effect of cancer treatments.

Many of us have taken marijuana for treating various ailments. However, the FDA has not approved cannabis as a safe and useful medication for lupus, or any other ailment.

If anybody suffering from lupus is looking to try therapies or products that incorporate cannabis must always consult a local physician first.

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