Medical Marijuana For Back Pain

Based on recent studies that have been carried out so far on the use of medical marijuana as a form of medical treatment, it has been found that the medicinal use of marijuana can be beneficial as a pain relief treatment for various medical conditions, especially with pain related to the spine or your back. Conditions include – muscle spasms due to paraplegia and multiple sclerosis, myelomalacia induced chronic back pain, and sciatica nerve pain.

This article will look at back pain as a whole, and explore the use of medical marijuana or cannabis as a medical option for back pains.

Recent studies on medical marijuana as a treatment for back pain

A journal relating to the treatment for people suffering from chronic back pain as a result from an injury to spinal cord was published by National Library of Medicine in the year 2006. The study showed the use of medical marijuana to be a proven medication which can be used to provide relief from chronic back and neuropathic pain. 

Another study done in 2010, using medical marijuana with a composition of 9.4% THC, showed that it significantly lowered the neuropathic pain level when taken 3 times a day in the right dose.

The most common causes of back pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, as many as 80 percent of Americans are prone to suffer from problems relating to their back or spines at some point or the other in their lifetime. On a global scale as per the report published by Global Burden of Disease, the leading cause behind most disability in the world is chronic pain on the lower back.

The cause for chronic back pain may be medical as seen in the cases of Sciatica nerve pain, muscle spasms due to paraplegia and multiple sclerosis, and myelomalacia induced chronic back pain. On the other hand the common causes for back pain include – a repetition of strain injuries on your back or spinal cord, bad posture while working or sitting, poor sleeping habits, lack of physical activity and exercise and use of improper technique while lifting heavy weights.

Type of back pain

Based on the longevity and the occurances, back pain has been classified into two type- 

  • Acute back pain – this form of back pain is generally associated with back pains that is a result of a sudden injury or an accident. The treatment for acute back pain is often carried out swiftly with the minimum complications.
  • Chronic back pain – this is the more serious and severe form of back pain and the pain lasts for a comparatively longer span of time. In chronic back pain the pain may elevate from anything on a moderate to a severe level with no warning and in very quick time. It is with this condition of chronic back pain that medical marijuana can be used to provide an optimal level of relief for those suffering from this condition.

Using medical marijuana to help mitigate back pain

The study published by the The International Journal of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, in the year 2016, conclusively showed that using medical marijuana can provide relief to acute or chronic lower back pain. The patients who had been medically diagnosed and enduring back pain for a long period of time now, had found no relief from the pain even after trying all kinds of conventional medicines and therapies. However, after being treated with a dose of 20 grams per month, of medical marijauna taken four times a day over a month period show great signs of improvement in the patients suffering from back pain. The pain levels had significantly come down and moreover, the use of medical marijuana has also proven to be beneficial for their mental health as well.


Back pain often comes as one of those incapacitating and energy draining forms of medical conditions cause of which has been variable. The pain limits you from actively performing your daily activities, and overall negatively impacts your lifestyle and your life. Living with an incessant and excruciating chronic back pain is not easy and can fill you with anxiety, frustration and depression. 

Fortunately, as highlighted earlier in the article, studies done on using medical marijuana  as an alternative medicine to provide relief from chronic back pain have shown to be very promising.  Most of the countries that have legalized the use of medical marijuana like Spain, the Chzech Republic, Colombia, Canada to name a few, and some of the states in the United States.

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