Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

How to Find Legit Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me?

The most frustrating and frightening part of becoming a medical cannabis patient is not the trip to the dispensary or even the first dose but instead figuring out how to find legit medical marijuana doctors near me.

You may be living in a place where billboards on buses and benches and ads on the sidebar of your local news website blast pictures of the familiar green leaf and toll-free numbers to call for your free consultation. You may be living in a place where you know there are medical cannabis programs but have never seen an advertisement and have no idea where your local dispensaries are.

Beginning the journey can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a primary doctor willing to talk to you about the process. There are states where the use of cannabis is strictly prohibited. In the USA, in 37 states, the use of Marijuana is legal only for medical purposes. In 19 other states, it is used for recreational purposes too. States like Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama are strict on the use of medical cannabis. For example, some states permit medical cannabis for common issues like insomnia, while others reserve it only for severe diagnoses such as cancer or AIDS. Meanwhile, other states allow physicians to make a recommendation at their discretion.

First, check the qualifying criteria and conditions governing your country /state for medical Marijuana. Every State has its list of criteria for qualifying. Some have a more restricted list than others. Check and make sure you qualify for Medical Marijuana in your State.

Before searching for a medical marijuana doctor, know the general conditions applicable to applying for the MMJ program.

  1. You must be 18 years old.
  2. You must have valid identification proof.
  3. Your medical condition must be in your State’s qualifying conditions.

Medical marijuana doctors are also very few in states where Marijuana is illegal. There is no online service for getting medical marijuana recommendations too. The patients find it hard to go in search of these doctors.

On the other hand, in some places where Marijuana is legal, you find marijuana doctors all over the place. It is challenging to find a legitimate doctor but not impossible. Every state with a medical marijuana program has 420 clinics, especially for giving medical cannabis recommendations.

Before going to any doctor, check the background thoroughly to avoid getting trapped by the fraudsters. You do not want a fake marijuana card and face legal issues. Some doctors want to make money. They go to any extent to trap you. They are least bothered about your health conditions. Take time and research well before you select your doctor.  

Here are some reliable ways to find legit medical marijuana doctors near me.


  • Go by reference and recommendations.

When you are unaware of any doctor in your vicinity, take references from your family, friends, and relatives. It is the best way to go about it. You do not have to start from scratch.


  • The internet

It is a great place to see what options are available in your immediate area. You can begin by finding doctors in your area with great resources like doctor search tools using internet search engines.


  • By getting information from medical cannabis programs.

This gives information on certified doctors and clinics under the MMJ program.


  • Telemedicine services

Several telemedicine services are reliable, quick, and convenient. These services make it easy to search for marijuana doctors in states strict about Marijuana. The doctors on these platforms are verified by the service providers. They help you to find doctors and fix an online appointment with them.


How To Find Legit Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me?

When you go by referrals, you are sure you are in safe hands. From the references you gather, select the doctors who suit you the best. Assess and analyze the strength and weaknesses of your doctor from what your referrals tell. A good doctor should be a good listener, not force his solutions on you, and have patience.

If you have many doctors from your referrals, narrow down the list. Visit the doctors. Have a good talk, and ask all your doubts. You will get a fair idea about the doctor.


  • Check the experience of the doctor.

You are always safe in the hands of an experienced doctor. With his experience, he will analyze your condition well. He knows what drug to use, the dosage, and how the drugs will help you improve your medical condition.

Check the qualification of the doctor as well. Make sure he is qualified to treat you with Marijuana. You do not want to get into trouble with the authorities. A certified and experienced doctor will not leave any doubts in your mind. He puts you at ease by answering all your questions and doubts. As Marijuana is associated with legality, you can rest assured that the doctor will help you use Marijuana most legally. Medicines work the best when you trust the doctor and the drugs.


  • Check the prices or fees.

Compare the prices of the selected doctor with the other doctors. If it is too low a price, it could be a gimmick. Such doctors lure you into their services with a low initial cost and then check all other extra charges. This may be much higher than the charges of other doctors.

When you visit the doctor, talk to him about the monthly and yearly payments. Check the number of visits you have to make to the doctor and if it calls for an extra fee. You ask for all the charges that you need to pay. Make sure the doctor’s service is within your budget before committing to the doctor.

If you find one time yearly payment is lesser than the monthly payments, go for it. If you find your finance allows you to pay monthly, choose that. Make sure you are comfortable with your finances when you take the services of a marijuana doctor.

If a doctor promises a Marijuana card at a low price, beware. You may get a fake card and get into trouble. You may not get access to Marijuana with a fake card. The prices of different doctors could vary a little, but if it is far too less or far too much, avoid such doctors.


  • Talk to the doctor and analyze 

Before you finalize on the doctor, go to his clinic, talk to him, and interview him. The talk is to know that he is a legitimate doctor and is suitable to treat you in all ways. Talk to him in detail about your health conditions. You know about the doctor when you talk to him directly. While talking, if you have a doubt that he is not following the medical standards, please go for another doctor.

A legitimate, well-experienced doctor will not jump to the conclusion that you need the help of cannabis. He will talk to you in detail, check your medical history thoroughly, and test you for your conditions. Only then will he conclude that you need Marijuana to treat your symptoms. This helps you recognize the legitimate doctors from the fake ones.


  • Check the database

Some states maintain a database of legitimate marijuana doctors. With this database, you cannot go wrong with the legitimacy of the marijuana doctor. You do not have the risk of wasting your money on fake doctors.

If the doctors referred by your friends or family are not in the state database, do not choose that doctor. Go for the one who is in the database. With an experienced and certified doctor, you are confident of getting the best and the most legitimate service of a doctor.

Referrals, consultations, and databases help you have detailed research on the doctor. With this, you get the best doctor to treat you. You are confident about using Marijuana under the expert supervision of this experienced doctor.

Your search for cannabis physicians with a background in integrative or holistic medicine. The marijuana treatment method is a totally different kind of approach when compared to conventional treatment.

Doctors with a well-experienced background in integrative medicine or functional medicine will be able to understand Marijuana better than doctors with more traditional experiences. They are used to treat complex patients who do not respond to conventional treatment with a whole holistic perspective, and Marijuana fits well here.


  • Get your medical records.

Once you decide on the doctor to treat you, you need an appointment with him. You need to provide your medical history to the doctor during your visit.

Your new marijuana doctor will need your complete medical records like any other physician. Request your general physician to send your medical records to the marijuana doctor before your appointment. This is required to make the consultation as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

You will also have the question if the doctor is right for you. Many people are unaware of what to expect when visiting a medical cannabis doctor for the first time, and they do not know what they are allowed to expect from the doctor.

First, the marijuana doctor checks the medical reports received from the general practitioner. He checks the patient to see if regular treatment would cure him. When convinced that cannabis is a better option when compared to regular treatment, he recommends Marijuana to the patient. He will discuss the possible side effects of consuming it too.

If a doctor does not do more than confirm you have a qualifying condition, write a prescription, and send you to a local dispensary, is that enough?

The experience of visiting a cannabis doctor will vary from State to State, and from doctor to doctor. The doctors will cover or discuss the below-mentioned points.

  1. Advise you with a written plan to follow.
  2. Tell you the dos and the don’ts.
  3. Talk to you about the dosage.
  4. How to adjust the dosage over time?
  5. Follow all standard practice procedures and guidelines by governing bodies such as the medical or clinical council. These act as guidelines for the patients to decide if their cannabis doctor is providing them with the level of care they would like to expect.
  6. Follow up with the patients and show interest in the patient’s well-being and not just remind you of your medical cannabis card renewal.
  7. Recommends what kind of medicinal products you should take.
  8. Follow up on your treatment in consultations with your doctor on what kind of dosage to recommend.

Once your marijuana doctor is sure that your medical condition will improve with the support of medical Marijuana, he will recommend the same. You can now apply for a medical marijuana card.


Medical Cannabis Card

For patients to have access to medical Marijuana, they need a medical marijuana card. A medical cannabis card is also called a medical marijuana card. It is also known as medical marijuana identification (MMID) or medical Marijuana (MMJ). This is an identification card issued by the state government.

This card enables a patient with the medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation to possess, cultivate or obtain cannabis for medical use. States, and countries that recognize medical cannabis issue this card. The patient should pay a fee to the state government to get this card. This card is valid for up to 12 months and is renewable. To get the card renewed, the doctor has to evaluate it, and the patient has to pay a fee. This time the fees are lesser than the first registration.

In the USA, 37 states issue medical marijuana cards. Requirements for obtaining medical marijuana cards are different in different legal states. The process involved in getting the card also may vary in each State.

The general process involves the following steps:

  1. Get a medical marijuana recommendation from a certified or authorized 420 doctor. Not all doctors can recommend Marijuana to patients.
  2. Apply in the state marijuana registry. You will have to provide documents that prove that your doctor has approved Marijuana to treat your medical condition.
  3. The State may ask you to create an online account with your application and the doctor’s recommendation. This account saves all your information which further helps you to renew it after a year.
  4. If a caregiver applies for the card, he must create an account.
  5. You have to pay the fee online. The fees may vary from State to State. This completes your application process.
  6. You will receive your card through the mail, and a physical card will be delivered home.

The doctor should recommend specific products as per your medical requirement. After receiving the medical cannabis card, you will need to visit a local dispensary to receive your medical Marijuana. With this begins the journey of using Marijuana to improve your health condition.

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