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Is It Possible to Get a Medical Cannabis Card with a Felony?

A felony is a more serious crime than wrongdoing in the United States and other jurisdictions. A felon is a person who falls in the category of the criminal means who commits a felony, and an offender who obliges a felony goes to jail for one year. According to a study in 2019, the U.S. has around 24 million population, including felonies. The 33 states of the world with D.C. have medical marijuana, but it is still not clear whether a felony is liable to get the card or not. 

The answer to the question ‘can a felony get a medical cannabis card?’ is not still clear because the laws regarding medical marijuana are different in every state. But you can try to find out which states allow and which do not allow getting the medical cannabis card used for medical purposes. In some states, it is clear that felons lose their right to get the marijuana card, but in some states, a felony can get it. Felony loses some rights, some of which can be recovered but some lost forever. In the USA, some rights are limited to felonies, which of them are given below-

Citizens with criminal records live a complicated life, and they face many difficulties in their day-to-day life, but it differs from state to state, affecting the life of a felony. 

Here are given some rights that a felony loses, such as-

  • Voting power
  • Pursue better employment in a definite field
  • Carry bench service
  • Getting a medical marijuana card
  • Own weapons
  • Parental benefits
  • Foreign travel
  • A real estate holding right

Can I get a Medical Cannabis card if I have a felony?

The rights of the felony differ from state to state because, in some states, a felony considers a great crime equal to murder and other serious crimes. In some states, they cannot even get the voting right, but in some states, they can even vote behind bars in Maine. You cannot get the privilege of the vote in some states because a felony is a serious crime. It is harder to re-immerse in society for a felony in some states, and with a felony, you even cannot find an excellent job in the state. 

So it depends on your state and location, whether you get a Medical Marijuana Card having a felony because, as you know, in some states voting right are revoked, in the same way, the other rules and regulations of the different states vary. So, it is not clear cut that you can get the medical cannabis card having a felony because it all depends on your location and your state’s rules and laws. Let’s know some interesting facts about this topic in the below article. 

Some interesting facts about Medical Cannabis use and Felonies in the USA

 Estimates of the number of felonies in the United States differ. In a study, it is estimated that around 8 percent of adults have a conviction of a felony. In this study, it is also claimed that approximately 33 percent of American-African men had a felony conviction. So, from the research, it found that a total of 19 million Americans were in jail with a felony conviction in the year of 2010. 

In the year 2019, dr. Eberstadt published, painted a depressing image, and this author gave a new estimate of the felony in the United States. He believes that the total number of felonies in the United States is around 24 million. Despite the actual figure, we know that many people could miss their chances of getting a Medical Marijuana Card. So, with the felony, you can lose your opportunity to access the medical cannabis card according to the rules and laws of the state.

Which states allow accessing the Medical Marijuana Card having felonies

The right to a medical marijuana card is less restricted than a voting right. In some cases, some states put some requirements to fulfill to get the medical marijuana card having a felony that are given below-

  • First, you should complete the application form to get the MMJ.
  • You should be above the age if specific limit.
  • It would be best if you had to show a licensed doctor’s recommendation.
  • You should make the payment of the licensing fees.

These conditions help you allow the medical marijuana card with a felony conviction. 

States that do not allow to get a medical cannabis card have felonies

It depends on the states’ rules and laws because different States have different rules and regulations for the felony. In some states, you can easily apply for the MMJ card and get it quickly, having been convicted of a felony. Depending on the state you live in, you can require the medical marijuana card to be received or not. Many states do not offer you a medical marijuana card if you are convicted of a felony. 

  • Illinois

It prohibited those who are convicted of the drug felony from receiving medical marijuana. The department has a right to utilize the choice given by the rules and regulations to support medical cannabis for the meting out of cannabis for any medical determination. 

  • Lowa

In this, the applicants who are convicted for the drug felony are not liable to get a medical marijuana card. It follows the statement that once a criminal, always a criminal. 

Can a felony get a medical marijuana card for starting a business?

Many states that provide the medical marijuana card do not permit the commercial business license for a felony, and it is especially enforceable on the felonies that are convicted for the drug or drug marketing and all other related charges. Many other states of the USA also restricted the felonies to using the medical marijuana card for the business operators of cannabis. The main motive of these restrictions is to make the trade legitimate. Another concern behind these restrictions is the transportation of the MMJ products from the legal to the illegal state. 

In states where recreational cannabis is restricted, medical marijuana business licenses are given on the criminal history. In some states, only the last ten years are considered for the business license. In some states, you cannot receive a medical marijuana business license if you have a felony record in the last five years, and this rule is also applicable to those who are now a felony. In some states, people who sell alcohol to minors without licenses are also restricted from getting the MMJ. You can also be out of luck if you have been convicted of a felony in the last two years.

The requirements for receiving the medical marijuana card

This card is very beneficial for you and your business, so you should choose to take it. In some states, you can get it quickly without any issues, even if you have a felony. But, in some states, it is restricted to give those people who have a felony. In some states, you cannot get a medical marijuana card if you are convicted of a felony. It depends on the state where you live because every state has different rules and regulations. Some states lose some rights of the convicted felons, and some can give them their rights back after some time, but some do not give them their rights forever. 

Here are given some requirements for getting a medical marijuana card

  • The age of the patient should be above eighteen years for getting a medical marijuana card.
  • It would be best if you were the resident of that place where you want to get the medical marijuana card. 
  • A minor must require a legal caregiver if he gets a medical marijuana card.
  • You should be a sound mind person to be liable for a medical marijuana card.

You should be suffering from the following disease if you want to get a medical marijuana card, such as-

  • AIDS 
  • Migraine
  • Cancer
  • Anorexia
  • Seizures
  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea 
  • Glaucoma 

If you are suffering from the above diseases, you are liable to get medical marijuana or medical cannabis card. You can approach our experts to get cannabis services at reasonable rates. 

More information about the medical marijuana 

Medical marijuana or cannabis has been a controversial topic for some years in the medical industry. There is so much research and opinions regarding the medical marijuana card. Some top researchers found that medical marijuana proved as a potent drug for the reduction of several diseases. 

Cannabis is also known as marijuana, and its great properties give a healthy and happy life to a person. It has been used for many years for both recreational and medical purposes. You can save your life with the help of cannabis and keep it healthy all your life. 

The medical industry also offers medical marijuana or cannabis cards for you, which help your business. But having a felony, you can be restricted from getting a marijuana card. In some states, you can be liable for getting this card because every state has different laws regarding felonies. A felony is a more severe crime than a wrongdoing that can lose many rights according to the laws and rules of the various states. 

You cannot get even the right to vote to have a felony convicted, but in some states, you can get voting right back being a felony convicted. So it is now not clear that you can get the medical marijuana card with a felony conviction because it varies from state to state. 

So, what is the answer to the question, ‘can I get a medical marijuana or cannabis card for having a felony?’

The unofficial answer to the question, ‘can I get my medical cannabis card for having a felony?’ is yes. You can receive a medical marijuana card if you are currently living in a legal state. But in some states, you cannot get it if you have a felony. If you know any State where a person with a felony cannot get a medical marijuana or cannabis card, then surely let us know.

Therefore, having a felony conviction, people can get medical cannabis or marijuana in some states. They can get the profit from medical cannabis for their business.

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