Will anyone know if I get a medical marijuana card?

The insecurity of ‘will anyone know if I get a medical marijuana card’ is over. The database of patients in the state Department of Health is secure and foolproof. To gain access is possible with your knowledge and permission only. 

In our society use of marijuana or cannabis is a stigma. Though you consume it for medical purposes, people look down upon your character. Though the consumption of marijuana for medical purposes is legal, nothing much has changed in society.

The government has adopted the use of marijuana for medical purposes after considering all its pros and cons. The state has issued Strict laws and guidelines for availing this permission. 

You expect medical marijuana records to remain private. You want it to be secure in the same way your personal information and medical history are. It is a common concern of every marijuana patient. Though recently the treatment has been considered legal, there are many new laws regarding the same. The regulations and systems are highly confidential. It is impossible to access your details from the database. 

The State issues the card after scrutinizing your details, medical records, and recommendations of your medical practitioner. The details of the patients are in the database. It is common for you to fear your details will be compromised. It may create further problems. There will always be a fear constantly bothering you, ‘will anyone know if I get a medical marijuana card?’  

Let us provide you with a detailed discussion and information on the confidentiality of usage of marijuana medical cards.

Medical Marijuana Card 

Please note your card will not contain personal information like name, address, national identity number, or social security number. It only has your photo and unique ID number. It shows the date of issue and date of expiry. The restriction on the medical card is so strict and confidential that your dispensary will have access to the card validity and not to your other details. So until and unless you disclose the card, no third party can get any information about the card. When your application for the MMID card is approved, you get a unique ID number. After this, the state and the local county will destroy your application form.

Privacy of medical marijuana 

The consumption of marijuana for medical purposes is legal in many states. A certified medical practitioner recommending a marijuana card must give your details to the state health department. This detail, in turn, is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The information will remain private. It will not show in any background check done by an employer or other authorities. The purpose of HIPAA is to protect your privacy and stop any wilful or accidental disclosure of healthcare information. 

  • Who can see your medical records?

The only persons who can access or have information about your card are

  1. Your doctor or legal practitioner,
  2. Law enforcement.
  3. State department of health. 
  4. Medical marijuana treatment clinic.
  • Why do doctors need your record?

Your doctor should notify the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) branch of the State department of health. It oversees the registry of medical marijuana users. It is a secure online registry where the doctor will notify the state of your eligibility to avail Medical Marijuana card. 

The doctor provides your qualifying criteria, quantity, and kinds of medicinal marijuana you are authorized to use. He also mentions different types of marijuana devices you need for treatment. The doctor has to update the records throughout the valid period of the card.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will secure this information. It disables any entities seeking information on your medical records. The billing dispensaries and any other organization working directly with your medical clinic can have access under HIPAA regulation. Regulations apply to medical marijuana records with additional legislation to protect the privacy of medical marijuana records. Rest assured that your information is protected.

  • Law enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies can seek information on your records if you are involved in criminal activities. It has to be through proper state channels. If you wish to apply for a job in law enforcement, your declaration makes it possible to seek the records from the state database. The state health department shares your medical marijuana authorization database details with the federal government or its agents if a state court convicts you for violating the law.

As per law, police officers can verify the validity of MMID cards. If you are held as per the doctor’s recommendation, a cop can arrest or detain you until verification.  

  • State Department of Health. 

The State Department of Health will naturally have access to your records. It is the state that issues the Marijuana Medical Card. It permits access to confidential and exempt information from the Medical Marijuana registry. It is allowed only to law enforcement agencies investigating a violation of law concerning Marijuana, subject to the investigation of the medical Marijuana exception.

  • Medical marijuana treatment clinic.

Medical Marijuana clinics can access an overview of your information, administration methods, and authorized quality and dosage. The clinic cannot access the qualified diagnosis and other medical records.

You can designate a personal representative to take health care decisions on your behalf during a medical emergency. You have to give legal permission to do so. It has to be your spouse, children, or any other family members you trust can handle the information.

The Medical Marijuana Card issuance database is not for public accessibility. No information will be shared or given even if your background checks are needed. It depends on your decision to declare your card details if you intend to apply for a job in the military, police, childcare, law enforcement, or any other jobs where the employer needs extra scrutiny of your medical health.

How to be more cautious 

  • Under HIPAA, you have the right to for a copy of your records. Once you receive it, you can check the information about your health. You can always ask for rectification if you find a mistake, wrong entry, or incorrect information. 
  • Opt for electronic health records in marijuana treatment clinics. It is always safe to store all your medical records electronically. All the documents in the computers have high-security passwords. It is more secure and cannot be accessed compared to paper records.
  • If anybody can disclose your health details, it is only you. Never flaunt your card. 
  •  Do not consume during working hours if you are an employee in a no-drug policy company.
  • Always select a Marijuana dispensary away from your workplace and home to avoid your colleagues and neighbors seeing you use cannabis.

Be assured that being a medical marijuana cardholder, your information getting known by others is rare. You are the only person other than the state authority to know you hold a card. After all, you use it for your health.  

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