Medical Marijuana Card And Workplace Drug Tests

Medical Marijuana Card And Workplace Drug Tests

The use of marijuana for medical purposes has always been a point of discussion and argument in academic circles. The portrayal of marijuana solely as something that has a wrong essence, unfortunately, foreshadowed the pros it has in the medical field. Rather than being used for recreational purposes, the medical use of marijuana should be brought to the forefront as it is considered one of the best medicines for chronic pain, muscle issues, nausea, etc. The medical implications of marijuana have been supported and advocated by the general public in recent years and studies show that around 91% of the whole US population supports the legalization of marijuana. But still not the entire American states have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

What is a medical marijuana card or a medical cannabis card?

Many people across the world are prescribed medical marijuana for their health ailments. But due to strict legal nuances and restrictions, it might not be possible for anyone to purchase or possess marijuana in most circumstances. A medical marijuana card or medical cannabis card is a kind of identification card issued to a patient from the state of his or her living, providing the authorization to purchase and possess marijuana in a specific quantity only for medical purposes. In the states where handling marijuana is not legal, it is extremely important to have these cards to satisfy their medical needs. Medical cards do not let the patients enjoy the freedom to use how much ever marijuana is as interested, a doctor’s recommendation specifying the amount of marijuana needed is considered before issuing the card and the cardholder will only be able to get hold of the prescribed amount of marijuana.

Medical marijuana card at the workplace

People who possess medical marijuana card tends to face hardships at the workplace sometimes. Most workplaces across the world have banned the use of any recreational drugs during office time and lion’s share of the workplaces have made it mandatory for the employee to take part in random drug tests. A person who consumes marijuana for medical purposes may not pass a random drug test and thus, activists have been demanding that workplaces avoid drug tests for persons with medical cards. Although there are no such provisions in the labor laws to protect medical cardholders from random drug tests, steps have started to be taken in the right direction. Many workplaces around the world have started including the drug test details in their job advertisements so that medical cardholders can be completely aware of the workplace’s drug and marijuana guidelines.

Several states have also started revising their labor laws in favor of medical cardholders. Almost 17 states in the USA itself have made necessary amendments in the labor laws that exclude employees with a valid medical marijuana card from taking a drug test.

It is also advised commonly for the cardholders to inform their employers regarding their possession of the card and medical marijuana before any tests so that any kind of complications can be avoided. The stigma related to marijuana should be taken proper care of as this stigma may restrict the employees from opening up to their employers. So, a welcoming change as done by states like Arizona, New Mexico, etc., in creating awareness regarding this grave issue should be made spread wide.

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