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Can You Get an MMJ Card if You Have a CDL?

CDL is ideally a commercial driver’s license, a crucial requirement if you wish to drive any commercial motor vehicle. Three types of CMV depend on your weight, and you need a CDL to go through any of them. CDL is required for some vehicles in specific states. For instance, in New Jersey, you need a commercial driver’s license to drive a van, a bus, or a limousine. A CDL is generally associated with truck drivers, and America has a massive shortage of them. Companies like Walmart and Amazon are in colossal need of drivers to bring their goods across the country.

It’s a great job that pays you even more than $80,000. But an increasing number of Americans are staying away from this role because of the demanding lifestyle. Sitting behind the wheel and just feasting on a roadside café is not conducive to great health experts say that 3.5 million export truck drivers in America are already available.

Therefore, it is not an industry that everyone is fleeing from. After spending weeks driving across the country, it is natural that a driver might wish to wind down. Once they get home, they can light up a relaxing joint, and after all, the driver is off duty now and lives in a state where weed is medically legal. It’s a confusing situation, but if you hold a CDL, it is not wise to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Reasons a truck driver needs a medical marijuana card

It is easy to ignore the job of a truck driver, but it is not an easy one. Some in the industry also believe that it is one of the best jobs you can get in the US, even without a college degree.

But it would be best if you did not assume it is as simple as driving behind the wheel. For example, it is pretty standard for long-haul drivers to spend several days driving cargo thousands of miles and just spending nights in motels and stopping only to get gas station food; that is also substandard.

Considering the deadlines faced by truck drivers, incorporating movement into your life at regular intervals is essential. Unfortunately, you cannot stop the drug and hit the gym. The job also mainly has an obsession with obesity. It is hardly a surprise as drivers combine little or no exercise with high-calorie food. Medical issues mainly include stress, depression, sleep apnea, lung problems, and fatigue. All of a sudden, it becomes pretty easy to see why the holder of a CDL would need an MMJ card. You can apply for one and get accepted if you hold a CDL and believe you need a medical marijuana card.

CDL and MMJ cards do not go hand in hand

If you hold a CDL card and live in a state with a medical marijuana program, you can follow the steps required to apply. There is no reason for a physician to deny you access to wait if you have a qualifying medical condition. You are entitled to your MMJ card, and even if you have a CDL, you can apply for this. But you can wave goodbye to your career if you ever test for marijuana.

Understand this even though weed is legal for medical or recreational purposes in at least 33 states, there is still some illegality. A federal employer says that the use of scheduled drugs is prohibited for safety-sensitive measures.

What can happen if you use weed and drive your CMV?

If you have a CDL and plan to drive a CMV, you must pass a pre-employment drug test. It is standard for companies to administer drug and alcohol tests after crashes. Additionally, employers can randomly test CDL drivers anytime. The personal legal test is for your employer to immediately try you if they believe you are potentially under any influence of drugs or alcohol. One of the most automatic failures here is refusing to take a drug or alcohol test. A test failure or even refusal to participate will undoubtedly lead to the suspension of your CDL. Until you complete the return to duty process, you do not get it back with a dot-qualified substance abuse professional.

Things get challenging with a failed drug or alcohol test on record. You may find it challenging to get another job for at least a year or even longer. Your employer is nowhere obliged to hire you back even if you complete the return to duty process. You will lose tens of thousands of dollars in earnings at best; at worst, your driving career is even over.


The need for serial holders to have clean systems is surely understandable in one sense. They are in control of large and even powerful vehicles capable of causing colossal destruction if handled poorly. No one should ever be under the influence of marijuana when they get behind the wheel. You deserve the punishment you receive if caught while driving.

CDL holders with legitimate medical concerns are not allowed to feed the relief potentially provided by Marianna. Enter commercial motor vehicle driver cannot take so much as a pop in a joint. The drivers in the nation have a formidable job and are hospitable to medical issues. MMJ could potentially help you get rid of some problems. If you get CDL, you can get a medical cannabis card, but you are taking many risks. Some drivers believe they can avoid detection using one of the most prominent detoxing TCHC methods.

CMV drivers must show some caution while using CBD products. First, you must ensure you only use items with complete third-party reports. Otherwise, there is a danger of consuming enough drugs to appear on a drug test.

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