How to Recover From Cannabis Edibles Fast

How to Recover From Cannabis Edibles Fast

Edibles are considered the best means of pleasurable cannabis consumption. Edibles are a treat to you that provides a long-lasting high experience. But with every fun and pleasure, there come some side effects. Edibles have unwanted side effects due to different THC-packed goodies such as cookies, chocolate, brownies, gummies, and many more.

Edibles affect everyone differently, and it entirely depends on certain biological factors. But some people consume them too much because they are unaware of the side effects they will have to deal with. Also, they are unaware of the proper dosage of these edibles. Mostly, time is the only solution to recover from poor edible experiences, but still, there are some ways that you can follow to make yourself comfortable and speed up the process.

4 Ways To Recover From Edibles

It might be you, your friend, or anyone in your knowns who has taken an overdose of marijuana edibles and now wants to get out of the high zone as early as possible. For that, you can follow these simple tricks that will help you recover early from the overdose of the edibles and make you feel refreshed in no time.

Hydrate and Eat

The first and the most common way to minimize the psychoactive effects of THS overconsumption via edibles is to keep the body hydrated and fed. Keep eating food and drinking as much as possible because it will give you energy and soak and flush out the cannabinoids from the body.

Drink liquids such as water, coconut water, lemon water, cucumber juice, milk, aloe water, herbal teas, and aloe vera juice and in the food, you can have healthier options such as pine nuts, almonds, oranges, lemons, peppercorns, pasta, whole wheat bread. Try eating clean and do not go for unhealthy choices.

Work Out

Another effective way to recover from the edibles is exercise. But before going this way, you should be aware of some things. Exercise is beneficial as sweating after a workout will help you eliminate the cannabinoids in your body cells. Still, too much intense physical activity, such as running, should be avoided if you are not feeling well.

You must do only those activities your body can handle and not overdo anything. It’s entirely up to you; if you feel you can handle working out, go for it, and if you think you are not in the condition to handle working out, go for gentle activities such as walking or yoga. Simply getting some fresh air from the atmosphere can do wonders for you. Also, avoid doing risky activities such as weight lifting.

Take A Nap

Sleeping is one of the best ways to recover from the effects of edible intake. Taking a nap will provide rest to your body and help you recover from the psychoactive effects of THS overconsumption via edibles. You might feel groggy or have a headache after waking up, but it will also disappear soon.

Take Detox Pills

Edibles can be easily flushed out from your body by consuming detox drinks which we have already mentioned above. Taking detox pills can speed up that process by increasing your metabolism so the cannabis can be expelled out faster.

But still, detox pills take much more time than the other methods we have shared with you. Different varieties of detox pills are made especially for THC. Some examples of these pills are Nutra Cleanse and Toxin Rid.

The Day After Eating Edibles

Have you ever woken up feeling hungover after a night of edible consumption? A hangover is generally caused by dehydration from drinking heavily, and it applies in the case of alcohol. It is never found that Cannabis dehydrates people in the way alcohol does. However, many people have still reported edible hangovers involving dizziness, fatigue, brain fog, mental lag, headaches, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Professionals are still unaware of the reasons that cause edible cannabis hangovers. Those people who try edibles for the first time are at a higher risk of experiencing these symptoms because they are unaware of the level that their bodies can handle.

Consuming edibles can sometimes be very hard on your body, and not hydrating your body can lead to hangovers. Considering the lack of scientific evidence, we can’t predict how long the hangovers can last. But it is much shorter than the alcohol hangover and is most likely to stay for less than half a day. You can follow these steps to get rid of hangovers fastly:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Drink ginger tea
  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Take a shower
  • Drink caffeinated beverages

How Long Do Edible Effects Last?

Generally, an edible-induced high will last between 2-10 hours for most people. Edibles affect everyone in very different ways. Cannabis is smoked or vaped, while edibles are directly consumed and processed through our digestive system.

So, the after-effects of edibles will depend on many biological factors such as the consumer’s weight, metabolism, diet and many others. These factors will decide how quickly and intensely the consumer will feel the THC.

The amount of edibles you consume and your THC tolerance level decide how long you experience the high zone. Again, it depends on person to person; for some newbies, it can even be hit for up to 24 hours.

There are even tons of recreational and medical benefits of the edibles, but they can turn opposite if not consumed properly. You should avoid eating edibles on an empty stomach, wait at least 2 hours before consuming more, and most importantly, keep yourself hydrated.

Final Takeaway

Edibles are some of the strongest cannabis products available in the market. These can be extremely strong for those people who don’t consume them regularly. Therefore, it is essential to use them with caution.

Start with a low dose if you are consuming edibles for the first time. Food, hydration, sleep, and exercise are simple ways to help your body recover from the after-effects of edibles. You can even try detox pills, but they work slowly compared to other methods.

We will be back soon with more such updates. Till then, stay tuned to Kifdoctors.

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