How To Get A Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

How to Get A Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

Unlike other states, Virginia does not have a statewide medical marijuana program. A medicinal marijuana statute does exist, though, and it is protected from punishment. Decriminalizing marijuana possession for personal use is also on the horizon for the state of California in July 2020. Affirmative Defense Certificates were required for medical patients before this legislation.

A Medical Cannabis Card

Doctors prescribe cannabis and cannabinoids known as “medical marijuana” (MMJ) for individuals who need it.

Due to manufacturing and government constraints, the use of marijuana as medicine has not been thoroughly studied, resulting in little clinical research to determine the safety and efficacy of cannabis use to treat ailments.

Cannabis appears to alleviate nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy, as well as chronic pain and muscular spasms, according to preliminary research. There is an increased chance of short-term side effects with short-term use. Dizziness, exhaustion, vomiting, and hallucinations are the most common adverse effects.

The long-term consequences of cannabis have not been established. These include memory and cognitive issues, the dangers of addiction and schizophrenia in adolescents, and the possibility of children accidentally taking it. 

Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

Medical and recreational marijuana usage is permitted in Virginia. In August 2020, the first medicinal marijuana dispensary opened its doors, and in July 2021, recreational marijuana usage for adults was authorized.

To legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a measure in April 2020. Effective in 2024, a bill enacted by the Virginia General Assembly’s two chambers in February 2021 to legalize marijuana in its entirety. Despite the lack of Republican backing in both houses of the state Assembly, the bill enjoyed broad support. On April 7, 2021, the House of Representatives ratified the changes made by Northam in his budget proposal. The bill’s initial 2024 effective date was pushed back to July 1 of this year, which was the most significant alteration.

Marijuana possession for individuals over the age of 21 is now legal, as well as “adult sharing” where no commercial transaction occurs. The retail sales measures in the bill are subject to a “re-enactment clause,” which means that Virginia lawmakers will have to re-approve them in the regular session of next year, following the 2021 elections in Virginia. Virginia is the first southern state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults (the first jurisdiction in the South to legalize being the District of Columbia).

Virginia’s Marijuana Policies and Regulations

Although marijuana is still illegal under federal law, numerous states have legalized the drug’s medical use, and some even allow recreational use. States that legalized marijuana have, of course, placed limits on its medical and recreational usage. For example, in many states where recreational marijuana usage has been permitted, only persons over 21 have been allowed to do so.

Marijuana possession for personal use is lawful in Virginia for up to one ounce or four mature plants per home. Additionally, the state of Virginia permits the limited use of CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant but has only trace quantities of THC (the component that creates the “high”).

How to get a Virginia medical marijuana card?

Step 1- The first step is to identify the problem. To begin the registration procedure, click on

  • Enter your User ID and Password if you have another license issued by the Department of Health Professions board.
  • Select “Register a Person” in the top left corner of the screen if you do not have another form of license.
  • Your surname and social security number must be entered.
  • The “Initial Registration” screen will be displayed if you’re not yet a member of the licensing system.
  • Complete the login registration by following the on-screen instructions. To register as a patient or a parent/guardian, you will be asked to provide a username and password.
  • You can now login after completing the previous step.

Step 2- You’ll see the Welcome screen after logging in successfully. From the left-hand menu, select Initial Application.

Step 3- You must select Pharmaceutical Processing-Cannabis Oil as your profession in the drop-down menu on the Licensing Application screen.

  • Choose Cannabis Oil – Patient from the License Type selection if you are the patient (person) applying for registration.
  • Select Cannabis Oil – Parent/Guardian from the License Type option if you are the patient’s parent or legal guardian. Once you’ve finished this form, you’ll need to fill out an additional one for the patient, the Registered Patient for Cannabis Oil. This must be completed by the primary parent or guardian of the patient’s minor or incapacitated adult.
  • Make sure that the Obtained By option is selected from the drop-down menu.
  • To begin the application, press the Start button.

Step 4- Registration and payment are required: $50 for patients; $25 for parents/legal guardians;

Step 5- Please send a copy of the following documents. Don’t send originals. E-mail is the preferred mode of delivery for these files. Email is not an option, so please fax or mail your application documents to the address below:

  • “Cannabis product certification” written by an authorized practitioner;
  • Government-issued ID or tax receipt for the patient’s residency
  • Proof of residency for the patient’s parent
  •  A govt identification card proves the patient’s identity and the legal guardian’s identification if the client is a juvenile. A birth certificate or other govt documentation showing the patient’s age qualifies as proof of eligibility.
  • Proof of age, identification, and residency can be shown via a valid Virginia driver’s license.

Step 6- Please check your email if additional information is required to process your application. Please double-check that your email address is correct before applying.

Step 7- The registration application will be processed in 60 business days. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive emails notifying you that your registration has been activated.

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Virginia Board of Pharmacy

Henrico, Virginia, 23233

(804) 527-4472


Q: How to find a Medical Marijuana Physician in Virginia?

In Virginia, finding a qualified physician ready to write a recommendation for medical marijuana is far easier access. This could be done by checking out the Virginia NORML website for a list of licensed practitioners.

Q: Marijuana cultivation in one’s own home

Many Virginians never thought they’d be able to cultivate their maria at home legally, but it’s a marijuana enthusiast’s dream come true. Growing our own medicine gives us a sense of self-sufficiency that has been mostly lost in the United States for the past century.

A Virginia marijuana card is not required to cultivate cannabis plants in VA legally, but there are many advantages to having one of these documents on file.


Adult-use marijuana has been allowed in the state, but no laws exist to sell or purchase it. Lawmakers in Virginia will review the matter in 2023, hoping for better news. CBD oil made from hemp is the only option available to those who do not possess an MMJ card.

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