How To Get A Montana Medical Marijuana Card?

How To Get A Montana Medical Marijuana Card?

The purchase of medicinal marijuana cards is an option under Montana’s medical marijuana program. MMJ cards provide its holders with a variety of advantages. Check out our instructions if you’re a Montana resident and are considering acquiring your medical marijuana card. Participation in the program is subject to several prerequisites and criteria.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Montana?

To be eligible for a medical marijuana card, you must be at least 18 years old. A caregiver is required for anybody under the age of 18 who needs medicinal marijuana and anyone above the age of 18 who cannot get cannabis for themselves. 


Step 1 Visit a doctor

The first thing you’ll need is a written recommendation from a qualified medical practitioner. You may have the documentation signed by any doctor who is licensed to practice medicine. On the other hand, the great majority of patients visit a clinic solely dedicated to cannabis certification.

When you call a clinic, the receptionist will inform you of the medical records you need to bring with you when you get there. If you need to transfer your data, we suggest you start the process at least two weeks in advance.


Step 2 Discuss your health with your doctor

In the state of Montana, there are three distinct possibilities for the Physician’s Statement:

  • Debilitation Condition if you require marijuana owing to a severe medical condition.
  • If you suffer from chronic pain, a statement from your doctor is required. Additionally, you will need evidence to support the diagnosis of chronic pain to proceed with this application. 
  • A declaration to enable children to use medicinal marijuana. To reiterate, you need two statements from physicians to apply.


Step 3:Choose whether to get marijuana from a licensed provider or grow your own

Residents of Montana are faced with a choice that must be made before they can finish the application form. They need to decide on whether they want to receive their cannabis from a source or if they want to cultivate it themselves. 

On the application to become a cardholder, you must state whether or not you intend to engage in cannabis cultivation. This requires providing the actual address of the location where the marijuana is being cultivated.

You need the landlord’s written approval to lease or rent a piece of property. To complete this procedure, you will need to complete a separate form.


Step 4 Send the Montana Medical Marijuana Program application

The Department of Public Health and Human Services of Montana is where the application form may be found online for those interested (DPHHS). Please double-check that you have included all of the necessary documents that are asked on the form. 

You also need to provide a photocopy of a driver’s license or identification card issued by the state of Montana. The state’s official website does not give any information on application deadlines. It states that it will process all applications in the order they were received, so keep that in mind. 

Your wait time will be completely determined by the number of applications submitted at that particular moment. This is infuriating because, in Montana, you are not permitted to engage in the legal use of cannabis until you have obtained a medical marijuana card. You may move things through quicker if you pay using a credit card or an ACH transfer.

What Does It Mean to Get an Online Evaluation for Medical Marijuana?

In addition, there is the possibility to upload certain medical documents; however, doing so is entirely voluntary. All this information is then sent safely to one of our qualified doctors so that they may get acquainted with your application before your session.

The consultation is uncomplicated and risk-free, thanks to the telemedicine platform we have developed specifically for this purpose. You will have a consultation with a Montana-certified practitioner who has previous experience providing individuals suffering from various medical conditions with certifications for the use of medicinal marijuana.

The licensed practitioner will talk to you about the reasons for your application and ask questions about your current and past medical issues and medical history.

After the consultation, the registered practitioner will be able to make an educated choice about whether or not they suggest the use of medical cannabis based on the medical information they have collected. This decision will be based on the medical information that was obtained. 

If an application is approved, the registered practitioner will finish the certification and swiftly transmit the certificate’s electronic version in PDF format. You may use this to apply to the state of Montana, where you will also have the opportunity to obtain a digital card on the same day. After one month, the state will send a physical copy of the document by mail.

If your application is denied, you will be sent an email explaining why our registered practitioner cannot provide the certificate to you. There will be no cost associated with the consultation at all.

Patients are required to register with the Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Montana Medical Marijuana program. The state keeps a private registry of all the people who have patient ID cards in their possession. 

The list is restricted to only being seen by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services and state and local law enforcement organizations. Only to confirm a person’s status as a patient may law enforcement access the list.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Card to Use Medical Marijuana in Montana, Along with a Consultation?

After you have obtained your certificate, you can send your application to the government of Montana. There is a $30 application fee, which must be paid to the state. The cost of applying for a caregiver position in Montana is $25.

In Montana, patients must have one of these qualifying conditions to apply for a medical marijuana card. The following types of medical conditions are eligible for an MMJ ID Card in the state of Montana:

  • Cancer\sGlaucoma
  • Human immunodeficiency virus test results came back positive.
  • Cachexia is also known as the wasting condition.

The patient’s treating physician and the following groups of people have recorded that severe chronic pain considerably interferes with everyday activities:

  • Evidence that may be verified about the origin of the discomfort
  • A second opinion from a non-affiliated physician
  • Nausea and vomiting that won’t go away
  • Epilepsy or an intractable seizure disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • A neuropathy that causes pain in the periphery
  • A central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction

Many people who suffer from the symptoms of a wide variety of medical ailments have found that consuming the appropriate amount of medical marijuana has completely altered the course of their life. 

Individuals who use medical marijuana may regain the energy and ability to take pleasure in life, go outside and breathe the clean air, and lead a comfortable, healthy, and joyful life while doing so in the stunning natural setting that is Montana.

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