How To Get A Kentucky Medical Marijuana Card?

How To Get A Kentucky Medical Marijuana Card?

Marijuana is considered unsafe for many people. It has medicinal properties that may cure various diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, loss of appetite, and even glaucoma. In this regard, people are always on a run to get marijuana medical cards in Kentucky. But, do you know how to get a Kentucky medical marijuana card? Well, this article will unfold the way you can get the card and all the necessities required.

What is Marijuana Medical Card?

It is a special medical card issued by the state government to the authorized person or the patient for buying, possessing, or cultivating marijuana. In fact, the purpose of issuing a card is strictly for medicinal use and nothing else. This card is issued on the recommendation of the doctor only. So, obtaining the card without a doctor’s prescription is not allowed for safety reasons. The card will certify the fact that its owner is allowed to use marijuana for licensing purposes and not for unauthorized uses. 

Certain qualifying conditions need to be fulfilled before applying for the medical marijuana card in Kentucky. If you have cancer, chronic pains, epilepsy, nausea, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases listed in HB 136 list. As the government is paying attention to the use of marijuana and restricting it for mere medical needs, getting the card requires you to go through a process. 

Getting Marijuana Medical Card

Recently in 2022, the government of Kentucky passed the HB 136 bill that regulates the usage of marijuana drugs for medical purposes. Its purpose is to empower the Department for Alcoholic Beverages and Cannabis Control to regulate the laws mentioned in the bill. This would include identifying qualified patients, caregivers, and licensed doctors. 

To qualify for getting a marijuana medical card, you need to have a physical ailment that necessitates using marijuana for the treatment. Apart from this, you have to find a licensed medical practitioner or a doctor that identifies your medical health and categorizes the ailment under the ones necessitating the use of marijuana. Further, you are required to get a written and stamped certificate from a licensed physician to buy and use marijuana. Needless to say, you should be a resident of Kentucky to get your marijuana medical card. 

Certain things that you require to get your marijuana medical card are the filling of the form, a written certificate by Kentucky’s physician, a photocopy of your ID proof, and the application fee. By having a medical marijuana card, you will be able to present it to the authorities and indicate that the usage of marijuana is allowed. The HB 136 bill has been presented for final approval to the senate. 

Cost and the Need for Marijuana Medical Card

After knowing about how to get Kentucky medical marijuana card, you should be aware of the costs and reasons that mandate its requirement. In this matter, patients should take note of the physician fee for analyzing the patients’ disease falling under the category of Marijuana Mandates. Though, there has not been much information offered by the authorities because the final approval is awaited from the senate; still, other states require the applicants to shell out somewhere between 150 to 300 dollars.

Besides this, certain reasons require the authorities to regularize the use of marijuana for medical treatments. The people suffering from qualifying conditions that necessitate using marijuana should conduct their treatment through a physician. In fact, the physician or doctor should be trained for the medicinal abilities innate in marijuana or cannabis. You must check that the physician should have a valid license and authorize to recommend the use of marijuana for your treatment. 

After marijuana for medical treatments gets legalized, you are required to buy the relative products from a licensed medical shop in Kentucky. By having the marijuana medical card in Kentucky, you will have access to all the qualifying medical dispensaries. Of course, they will be state-licensed dispensaries that will be allowed to keep, sell, and recommend marijuana to the patients. But, this does not mean that you can buy as much marijuana as you want. There will be restrictions on the usage of marijuana and the recommended dosage or the product will be given to the patient. 

Possible Penalties for Overdose

Though the rules will legalize the use of marijuana in Kentucky; but, it should be considered that over usage of the drug will incur penalties. In fact, the government will keep a check on the circulation and usage of marijuana in the city. So, a person caught using marijuana more than the recommended dose or for illegal purposes will be liable to pay penalties. These penalties include paying a decided amount after legalization and a couple of months in prison. The amount of marijuana utilized for an illegal purpose will decide the fine and punishment. 

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