A Guide to Cannabis Measurements and Weights

A Guide to Cannabis Measurements and Weights

Cannabis weights include one of the most fundamental sets of vocabulary in the medical and recreational use of cannabis. However, upon hearing these terms for the first time when entering a dispensary, many individuals are unaware of what they mean. It’s crucial to understand the most typical cannabis measurements: Since cannabis is typically sold by weight, your final price will depend on how much you buy.

We frequently order cannabis utilizing a conversion of the imperial method of measurement, which only adds to the confusion while making a purchase. On a digital scale, cannabis flowers and extracts are normally weighed in metric units (in grams or ounces).

To clarify any misunderstandings and provide some advice for conserving hard-earned money, let us look more closely at the measures for cannabis flower plus concentrates.

Cannabis Weights for Flower

The most popular weights of cannabis flowers available at a dispensary are listed below. We will discuss everything up to a full pound of cannabis, beginning with a single gram of cannabis, the smallest amount sold.


The fundamental unit of the metric system is the gramme, which is equal to 1/1000 of a kilogramme. A single gram of cannabis weighs exactly that. The size of a gram of cannabis is comparable to that of a quarter, though it might vary based on the density of the bud. In contrast, the weight of one gram of marijuana is comparable to that of a little paperclip. You ought to be capable of rolling two joints with one gram of cannabis if you use half-gram joints. Because of its affordability, a gram of cannabis is among the most frequently purchased quantities, although accounting for the market, purchasing bigger quantities may result in a price cut.

An eighth of an Ounce

The eighth, or one-eighth of an ounce, is the subsequent measurement on the scale for cannabis. An eighth of a flower weighs just a little over a penny, which is 3 grams and equal to 3.5 grams of cannabis. In terms of size, an eighth of marijuana would be comparable to a typical kiwi. You may anticipate getting seven to eight joints from an 8th cannabis flower when you roll average-sized joints.


Moving up, a “quarter” denotes a quarter of an ounce, which is 7 grams of marijuana. A quarter-ounce of marijuana would be comparable to an apple in size if it were rolled into a ball. A normal postcard or a pair of tweezers weigh about the same as a quarter. One could anticipate being able to roll about 14 joints of average size from a quarter.


A “half” is the next increment from a quarter, denoting half an ounce of marijuana. A half-ounce is about the size of a large grapefruit and weighs 14 grams. A half-ounce generally equals an empty aluminum drink can or a #2 pencils regarding weight. A typical consumer might get 28 half-gram joints from an ounce of cannabis. If you find a specific strain you wish to keep on hand, it is a wonderful amount of cannabis to buy.


A complete ounce of cannabis is equal to 28 grams and is frequently the biggest quantity a consumer buys at once. Visually, an ounce of flower would resemble a small coconut in size. A CD, five coins, ten pennies, or one slice of whole-grain bread would all weigh about the same as an ounce of marijuana. An ounce of marijuana can be used to make up to 90 joints, but on average, one could expect to make 56 half-gram joints. Remember that this figure can change based on how large you roll your joints.


The scale does not end there, even if many jurisdictions only permit users to purchase or possess up to an ounce or two of cannabis at once. 16 ounces or 448 grams make up one pound, the largest unit on a typical scale. You might also be familiar with “quarter pound,” which is 113.4 grams. Cannabis will weigh about the same as an American football and occupy about the same space as a watermelon. Are you curious how many joints you could roll with this enormous quantity of marijuana? It’s a lot, to put it simply.

A pound can be a convenient way to stock up on your preferred strain when you reside in a state that permits purchases of this size. But remember that if improperly stored and allowed to sit for extended periods, big amounts of cannabis can lose quality. Check out a list of recommendations for selecting cannabis weights to save flower waste.

Cannabis pricing on a weight basis

Although the different cannabis weight levels are specified, their prices are not. It means that based on the quality of the cannabis, costs for specific weights can vary greatly. Numerous neighbourhood dispensaries offer different shelf levels so that customers can select from more affordable or higher-quality goods that cost more per gramme. For instance, an eighth of a top-shelf strain can be much more expensive than an 8th of a strain from a lower tier.

Cannabis Concentrate Weights

Consumer preference for cannabis concentrates, the majority of which include high THC levels, is almost equal to that of a flower. There is only one significant variation between the weights for concentrates and those for flowers: Concentrates are typically only sold in grammes and half-grams. A complete gram of cannabis concentrate equals a stick of chewing gum, whereas a half gramme is around the size of a pumpkin seed. These containers can be combined to achieve any of the abovementioned weights if you want to buy more concentrate.

Slang Terms

Have you ever been confused by the dimensions of a dime bag or dub sack? Since cannabis had to be kept secret and sold on the black market for so long, a wide range of slang names were created to characterize various cannabis weights. The section below defines a few of the most frequently used cannabis measurement industries.

Dime Bag

Usually, this phrase refers to a tiny bag of cannabis. On average, a dime bag contains one gram of cannabis, or $10, worth. Nevertheless, this may have been more or less over the years based on your connection.


2 grams or $20 worth of cannabis is typically referred to as a “dub” or “dub sack.” The weight of a “dub” may vary based on your area and source between 1 to several grammes.


The ziplock baggies which were frequently used to move an ounce of cannabis from one person to the other, are where the name “seed bag” originated. Most people will understand that you are requesting 1 ounce of cannabis when you request a zip of it!

Tips for Choosing Weights

Here is a list of general suggestions for selecting the amount to buy to wrap up our article on typical cannabis weights.

Want to experience a fresh variety? Start with one gramme, which will be sufficient to enable you to determine whether you enjoy the strain before investing in more.

Have you discovered a strain that helps your ailments? Based on your consumption, buy a quarter, half, or whole ounce.

For cannabis users and medical marijuana patients, buying in bulk can occasionally result in significant discounts. Still, it’s important only to buy what you can consume within an acceptable time frame to prevent quality degradation. Visit our cannabis storage guide to learn how to keep the stash fresh.

Always inquire about discounts for varying weight ranges from your budtender. Sometimes buying a few extra gramms can help you save money.

The weight of a joint varies from 0.3 to 0.5 grams. Knowing how much you consume will make it simple to convert that amount to how much food you’ll need to buy to get by.

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