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Want to Get a free Medical Marijuana Card? Here’s What You Need to Know

Medical marijuana is a standard treatment for individuals with chronic pain or other disorders. While marijuana use remains illegitimate on the federal level, 29 states plus Washington D.C. currently permit the use of medical marijuana by persons who have a qualifying condition. ‌

The word “medical cannabis” defines the derivatives of the cannabis Sativa plant. Two of its active ingredients are cannabidiol (CBD) plus delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD has numerous benefits but does not make you feel high. The intoxication, or high, related to marijuana derives from THC. ‌

If your state allows medical marijuana for certain conditions, here’s what you need to know about getting a medical marijuana card.

What is medical marijuana?

Cannabis derives its therapeutic value from cannabinoids, the natural chemical ingredients in the plant. Medical marijuana is used to treat particular conditions and illnesses.

States with medical marijuana programs have passed legislation either through their governments or the voter initiative procedure to decriminalize cannabis for therapeutic use. These states have exclusive rules concerning who can produce, sell, and use medicinal cannabis.

Each state runs its medicinal marijuana program individually. State legislature governs everything from the set-ups of cannabis qualified patients could consume to the number of cannabis plants produced at home.

In several states where marijuana is recreationally allowed, medical marijuana programs continue to exist and deliver patients with access to more excellent strength products, outstanding farming allowances, and the capability to buy more cannabis at a time.


In several states, similar to Florida and California, you might be capable of getting a medicinal marijuana card online. This process will save you time by directly linking you to a physician specializing in medicinal marijuana. Furthermore, it will permit you to get a card from the comfort of your own home. Some online health centers can even get you an instant recommendation, allowing you to purchase legal marijuana that day. If you want to go over the process as rapidly and suitably as possible, an online clinic might be your best choice.

In most cases, the procedure is speedy and straightforward. After you provide your ID, medical info, and evidence of residency, you will experience a personal online assessment. These evaluations usually last 5 to 15 minutes and involve a series of questions. The principal purpose of these assessments is to establish your medicinal situation and why marijuana might improve it.

After a practical application, you might expect your card to arrive in the mail within a few days. Though, in some states, you will be capable of buying medical marijuana instantly after getting an email authorization legitimately. Often this means being qualified to purchase marijuana on the same day as your assessment. Talk to your local physician and dispensaries to find out precisely their email commendation policy.

Free Medical Marijuana Cards in Veterans’ Future

In April 2021, House Representative Barbara Lee introduced the Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act to Congress.

Along with emphasizing the requirement to deal with the chronic pain suffered by record Veterans, the bill seeks to achieve three jobs. The bill would consent:

Veterans use, own, or transport medical marijuana per appropriate state or Native American tribal rule.

A Division of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctor to discuss the use of medicinal marijuana with a Veteran. The dialogue will cover medicinal marijuana as a treatment if the doctor is in a state or on tribal lands permitting those treatments.

A VA doctor to recommend, complete forms for, otherwise, register veterans into a medicinal marijuana treatment program in agreement with all state plus tribal laws.

According to the federal government, this is a big deal since marijuana is still considered an illegal substance. As per the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), “cannabis remains categorized as a Schedule I material under the [central] Controlled Substance Act.”

If this bill converts into a law, it could set a precedent for additional advances in marijuana as a feasible medicinal treatment for definite conditions.

As of October 2021, the Veterans Medicinal Marijuana Safe Harbor Act was mentioned to the House Subcommittee on Criminality, Terrorism, and Motherland Security. The subcommittee has released no further update since that time.

For information covering State Medicinal Cannabis Rules, the NCSL keeps a close eye on these authorized developments.

Free Medicinal Marijuana Cards for Veterans

Since Medical Marijuana might be helpful to veterans with PTSD plus chronic pain, two Florida representatives are pushing bills to provide free medical cards to military veterans. With the high veteran suicide rate and so many veterans requiring pain management plus relief, this might be a step in the correct direction.

Florida State Senators Introduce Measures

State Sen. Janet Cruz, and Iraq War Veteran State Rep. Adam Hattersley presented companion measures to waive the $75 state registration fee for veterans in Florida. The bills will be considered in the 2020 session.

National Precedent?

If these bills go over, there will be a more accessible entry to cannabis for veterans. It might also set a precedent for the nation and push for change in federal laws. Currently, 33 states and Washington DC have legalized medical marijuana, and 11 states and Washington DC have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Cost of Medical Marijuana Cards in the Other States

Regarding the cost of medical marijuana cards, Illinois has a discount for veterans, $50, which is half the cost of the standard price. Oregon charges $200 and offers the cards to veterans for $20. Maryland does not have any fees for anybody. If these bills go through, Florida would be the first state to charge a fee for a card plus offer that card for free to veterans.


Before buying cannabis from a medicinal marijuana treatment center, Florida patients must first qualify for a medicinal marijuana certification.

Veterans are also encouraged to speak with their local dispensary concerning military concessions on cannabis medicine. Standard concessions include:

  • Curaleaf: 20% discount
  • AltMed (MÜV): 15% discount
  • GrowHealthy: 30% discount (contains veterans plus spouses)
  • Fluent: 20% discount (comprises veterans plus spouses)
  • Liberty Health Sciences: 25% discount
  • Harvest: 20% discount
  • Rise: 25% discount
  • Trulieve: 20% discount
  • Surterra: 15% discount
  • VidaCann: 15% discount

VA Medical Marijuana Strategies for State-Level Medical Cannabis Card Approval

In states where medical marijuana is permitted, a screening procedure is usually required to legally allow patients to purchase pot from a state-approved medical marijuana dispensary. In Illinois, for instance, the applicant should be screened for any one of a list of symptoms, including definite kinds of chronic pain, PTSD, plus debilitating disorders such as fibromyalgia.

Illinois needs the applicant to have a doctor’s consent for marijuana, and several veterans would undoubtedly turn to their VA caregivers for this authorization. However, the VA strategy does not license VA physicians or care providers to partake in this procedure in any way, including helping with the paperwork essential by the state for medicinal cannabis (MMJ) cards. VA patients must use a non-VA facility to be licensed by a clinician.

VA Strategy on Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

The word “prescription” is used loosely here. Several states do not need a prescription for medicinal cannabis alone, and patients who use authorized medical pot are often “sanctioned” to own cannabis instead. In any case, the Division of Veterans Affairs does not permit VA health centers or staff to prescribe or otherwise fill prescriptions for medicinal marijuana.

The VA will not pay for such prescriptions, irrespective of the source, plus VA rules forbid the use or ownership of pot in any VA facility.

VA Employment Policies for Veterans Who Use Medical Marijuana

The Division of Veterans Affairs, similar to all federal agencies, detects the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on marijuana, as it is understood at the time of this writing.

Since marijuana is still categorized as a Schedule One controlled substance, veterans who use medicinal marijuana would be unentitled to VA employment. Otherwise they would be rendered unqualified should they fail to pass a drug test issued as a disorder of jobs or as a state of continued work.

It might be true of marijuana and marijuana derivatives, for example, cannabidiol, which are not illegitimate but might cause a positive effect for marijuana on a drug test.

Do Medical Marijuana Cards Work in Other States?

In several states with medicinal cannabis authorization, reciprocity laws permit non-resident, registered patients to buy medicinal marijuana with their legal, medical weed card. For those that allow reciprocity–wherever out-of-state patients can obtain and use medical marijuana outside their home state– an application procedure typically needs to be completed beforehand using another state’s medicinal marijuana program.

For instance, if you’re a recorded medical marijuana patient in your home state plus travel to Hawaii, you’ll be capable of applying to get a Hawaii 329 Registering card and participate in Aloha State’s medicinal cannabis program. Though it is not as easy as just showing up to a dispensary in Maui with your out-of-state cannabis card, there are definite nuances to consider with each state. In Hawaii, impending clients must be listed for a medicinal issue that is included in Hawaii’s list of qualifying disorders. Also, they should apply at least 60 days before the visit.

Final Take

It is great to see that states in the U.S. and other countries abroad are taking steps to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. Though the benefits of a marijuana medicinal card far outweigh the practicality of over-the-counter entertaining cannabis use, you must consider getting a card today. 

Remember to speak with your physician before using CBD to learn if it is right for you, particularly if you are taking prescription medicines.

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