Female vs. Male Cannabis Plants: How They’re Similar

Female vs. Male Cannabis Plants: How They’re Similar

Here you will learn about cannabis plants. Are there any differences between male and female cannabis plants? Whether male or female cannabis plants are more beneficial? How to grow cannabis plants? Know it here!

Table of contents

  1. What do Female Cannabis Plants mean?
  2. What do Male Cannabis Plants mean?
  3. How to differentiate between Male and Female Cannabis Plants Apart
  4. Cultivating Male and Female Plants
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

The primary distinction between the male and female plants of cannabis is that there are no buds in the male plant, while buds are present in the female plant. This implies that female plants can develop usable and profitable buds, and males do not have such potential. There are also various other differences between the two plants, which can impact the grower’s crop.

What do Female Cannabis Plants mean?

The maximum sought-after plants for all growers of cannabis are the female plants of cannabis. These female plants include the buds of the highest importance and have all the important products of cannabis, such as topical, smokable, or others in these buds. Also, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, I.e., tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the lion’s share is present in the female plant. In the case of male plants, this THC is present in low concentrations.

Compared to male plants, female plants of cannabis have a more potent output. Although the male cannabis plants can be utilized to bring about various concentrated products such as hash, still female cannabis plants are more liked for this goal. The tough hemp substance, The Coarse, is also derived from the female plant of cannabis which is used to make some other strong fibers.

What do Male Cannabis Plants mean?

In place of buds, the male cannabis plants grow various pollen sacs. These pollen sacs help pollinate the female flower of the cannabis plant. As the cannabis of the male plant has no bud, it is mostly of no use. However, male plants are crucial in various breeding procedures and give 50% of their genetic makeup to transmit to the next generation or hybrid plant. This is why, for the breeding experts, strong fathers are as important as strong mothers. On the leaves of male plants, there is a little more concentration of phytocannabinoids. The cannabis male plants with a higher concentration of cannabinoids present in their leaves integrated with their powerful roots can be the primary part of the breeding procedure.

Moreover, the male plants can be used for making hemp fiber, particularly for clothing. The cannabis male plant’s hemp material is very soft as compared to female plants, which makes the male plants much more eligible for table cloths, bed sheets, or even shirts. At last, the male plants also can keep the harmful attackers away from the main body.

How to differentiate between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

Sex determination of cannabis plants is an observable process that you can initiate early in the plant’s growth cycle. During the initial four weeks of the growth cycle, you can identify the pollen sacs on the male plant and the stigma or pre-flowers on the body of the female plant. You can easily distinguish between the two plants of cannabis by the 6th week of the growth cycle. At this time, you will be able to evaluate the pollen sacs and pre-flowers of the able and female plants, respectively.

In other illustrations, you can observe both reproductive parts, I.e., pollen sacs and pre-flower parts on the same cannabis plant. These bisexual or hermaphrodite plants can develop due to various conditions like nutritional deficiencies, unfavorable weather, etc. Such types of plants can be differentiated by sets of pre-flowers and pollen sacs. The normal cannabis plant grown in appropriate conditions can not get changed into a hermaphrodite plant.

Various other factors like physical characteristics are there which can assist you in differentiating between a male and female cannabis plant at any growth stage.

Characteristics of Male Plants

For male plants, you can look for these physical characteristics.

• Longer than female plants
• Limited leaves
• Wide sturdy stalks
• Pollen sacs that set white and green flowers

Characteristics of Female Plants

For female cannabis plants, you can look for these physical characteristics.

• Resinous buds
• Frail stalks
• Great translucent hairs in white or orange
• Sufficient leaves
• Lower than male plants
• V-shaped pistils with a defensive layer (calyx)

Cultivating Male and Female Plants

The initial step towards cultivating male and female plants of cannabis is to put their distance. Male plants can take an entire garden and can sift all the vital energy of female cannabis plants. More importantly, the male plants can over pollinate the female plants, which will hurt the female plant as the bud development can be slow or stopped and have reduced yield.

As we know, male plants are not in demand compared to female cannabis plants. So, it will be good for you to cultivate more female plants in your cultivated area. However, if you have a plan to initiate the breeding program, then you need both male and female plants. But still, in the breeding procedure, you have to keep your male and female plant apart from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do male or female cannabis plants thrive faster?

As compared to female plants, male plants of weed have the potential to grow faster. On the 14th day of the growth cycle, the male plants are much taller than female plants. Moreover, the male plants can initiate their flowering almost one month before their female counterparts start.

Q: Is there any difference between male and female weed seeds?

The seeds of weed that get developed in the body of female plants have more levels of THC as compared to their male counterparts. Moreover, the female plants develop flowers, whereas the male plants develop small buds similar to balls. At the initial flowering stage, V-shaped pistils have appeared on the female weed seeds, but no such appearances are on the male seeds. At last, the orange and white hairs are visible on the weed seeds of females; however, no such hairs are present on male seeds.

Q: Can male and female weed plants grow together?

Technically, the male and female plants can grow together alongside one another. However, it is suggested that you should not try to grow them together. To get more yield from the cannabis plants, you should separate the male and female plants. This does not imply that male females are useless; male plants are a significant part of cultivators’ crops but must be kept distant from the female cannabis plants to enable the female plant’s room and power to develop.

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