Ediblocked: why can't some people get high from edibles?

Ediblocked: why can’t some people get high from edibles?

Have you ever tried to share edibles among friends to check if one among you is high or if nothing feels at all? While sharing some pot-infused cookies with friends, MC Donald discovered a strange thing about himself. He noticed that he was not getting high while his friends were getting high. This incident got scientists scratching their heads.

People who are ediblocked are unaffected by edibles.

A group of people has shown high tolerance to edibles which means that they remain unaffected by the edibles. This group of people was described as an ediblocked by Boston Globe. Ediblocked are said to be people who can consume cannabis in a large quantity and feels nothing.

MC Donald was also engaged in a careless experiment where he consumed hash tea and started feeling something at around 700 milligrams of THC. Moreover, he suggested that people who consume cannabis, start with 1-2.5mg of THC. There should be 10% or less THC in cannabis to be effective, have low potency, and have a lower risk of increased anxiety.

A lot of Researchers and medical professionals understood and acknowledged the fact of being ediblocked but are still confused about explaining it, says the Boston Globe.

Researchers hypothesize that the answer might be in the liver

Dr Staci Gruber who is the director of the marijuana investigations for the neuroscientific discovery program at the McLean hospital stated that we are only just now starting to understand the cannabinoid system and it is not about how much and what you are consuming but it is about how you are wired.

There is less research on people who have a high tolerance to marijuana. Moreover, Dr Gruber and other researchers have a captivating hypothesis. The hypothesis says that the people who are ediblocked go through the condition of key liver enzyme. This is the main reason as it very effectively processes the ingested THC. The compound is then turned into an active metabolite and only the inactive part enters the bloodstream and brain.

But there is another possibility that is quite the opposite, which says that very little THC is metabolized. According to Dr Gruber, people with CYP2C9 genes break down the cannabinoids so fast.

What is the CYP2C9 gene and how does it impact THC levels in the body?

The CYP2C9 gene gives instructions for making an enzyme which is found in a cell structure and is called the endoplasmic reticulum which helps in processing and transporting protein says MedlinePlus. They further explain that the CYP2C9 enzymes help in breaking down the drugs like warfarin and ibuprofen and also play an important part in metabolism.

According to the study of 2020 the levels of THC metabolites found in the body of the consumer’s blood diverse highly and it depends upon the type of variant enzyme they consumed. The study also doubted biological marijuana tests which were generally used by researchers, doctors, police, and employers.

The problem with being ediblocked

Being ediblocked creates a tough situation for the people who medicate using oral ingestion with cannabis as against to inhalation method. The people who are unable to feel the effects of cannabis which they intake experience social FOMO and are also not able to take the benefits of pain-relieving and other medicinal properties of cannabis.

When the CYP2C9 enzyme acts on THC in the liver then the intermediate is 11-OH-Δ9-THC which is four times more psychoactive than THC. The 11-OH-Δ9-THC is then inactivated by CYP2C-MALDO. Hence, the ediblocked secret lies in both of these steps. This eventually means that people who are ediblocked are unfortunately failing on a stronger, more discrete, and cost-effective medical use completely. Boston Globe says that ediblocked individuals can take benefit from the relief of cannabis through edibles.

But for now, only the study and the researchers make reasonable points because sufficient research is not available to support the hypothesis. But there is research that is being conducted to support the suggestions so that solutions can be found for individuals.

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