Does Weed Expire How to Tell When Cannabis Goes Bad

Does Weed Expire How to Tell When Cannabis Goes Bad

Meta Description: The odor of weed past its prime would change or disappear totally. When you tear off a piece of fresh cannabis, it really shouldn’t crumble or seem spongy. Let’s know more about it in this blog post.


Whether it is in the form of a plant or a product, all cannabis has a storage life. Fresh cannabis has an expiration date, just like a bundle of broccoli or spinach does. Fortunately, if you store your weed in an airtight container in a cold, dark location, this will remain at least a year longer than the lettuce in the vegetable drawer.
When marijuana is consumed at its peak freshness, its medicinal cannabinoids and other natural ingredients are maximized.

The two key elements that affect the lifespan of a cannabis or CBD product are:

  • What kind of merchandise is it? (e.g., tincture, edible, flower, etc.).
  • How much fresh food, including plant materials, is in it.

Cannabis Freshness Recommendations

The cannabis product you use will mostly determine when it should be discarded. Although marijuana might last for months or even years, it is advisable to be aware of such general recommendations for cannabis product expiration dates.

Medicinal marijuana

The term “medical marijuana” is a general one that can refer to almost any cannabis product. Reading the label or asking your pharmacist are the two best ways to determine when your medicinal marijuana expires.

CBD Tinctures

One of the cannabis products with the longest shelf life is CBD tinctures. High-proof alcohol-infused tinctures can remain potent for up to ten years if properly preserved. Less popular oil-based tinctures can persist for two years.

Cannabis Flower

The length of cannabis flowers will last mostly determined by how well-cured the bud or flower is and how carefully it is stored after being purchased from the neighborhood dispensary. The product won’t develop mould or mildew if it is properly dried and cured (i.e., is fairly dry without excessive moisture) and afterward stored in a mason jar away from the direct sunlight and kept in a cold, dry location.

Under these circumstances, cannabis flowers can persist for up to 18 months before fading after 6 months. Since most people cannot maintain them in ideal circumstances without temperature and humidity changes, it is typically advised to utilize fresh cannabis flowers 6 months after purchase.

Hash and Wax

The extract or concentrate should last longer if there is fewer flowers. Hash and wax must be kept in a cold, dry location with limited sunlight, like cannabis flowers, to avoid mould growth and the deterioration of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

The longest-lasting plant, which is found in the highest concentration of hashish, is the flower (around 18 months, might be a little longer). Wax, shatter, and budder concentrates could last up to 2 years, but they start to lose their effectiveness after around 12 to 18 months. Hashish can become mouldy when it is not stored properly.

Cannabis Edibles

Eggs plus milk are two examples of perishable components found in many foods. When baked at home and kept in an airtight container, desserts like cakes and brownies aren’t likely to last more than 2-3 days. Cannabis edibles purchased from dispensaries could include preservatives that extend their shelf life while still carrying a use-by date.
Between 6 and 9 months, cannabis-infused sweets could last longer than baked items because their original packaging typically does not include many perishable ingredients. All delicacies will be stored away from their final packing in a cool, dry area.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is often created using the same alcohol infusion method as tinctures. RSO has a roughly 10-year shelf life, provided it is stored properly.


Vape pens often contain vape oil, not cannabis extract, which is typically devoid of plant matter. Additionally, vape pens are often confined. Therefore, with careful care, vape pens could last for 2-3 years without significantly losing their effectiveness. On the other hand, vape pens frequently do not have a set expiration date and may last longer.


Creams, gels, and oils made from cannabis often have a shelf life of up to 2 years when kept in their original packaging and sealed following each use. Cosmetics containing cannabis may have a two-year shelf life, though this will vary on the components used. Since soaps are alkaline, whatever cannabis they contain will be preserved quite well, possibly for longer than 2 years.

How to Recognize Bad Cannabis?

You’ll be able to tell that your cannabis has gone stale by several simple signs. You may tell if a batch of cannabis is rotting by its mouldy appearance or unpleasant aromas.

It stinks

The product has probably seen better days when it fails the smell test. Look out for anything which smells strange or like rotten eggs. Regular users will be accustomed to the “skunky” scent of several cannabis strains. Therefore, if you’ve used cannabis before, it will be easier to tell by your nose whether a product is fresh or has gone bad.

The Texture Alterations

Cannabis that is fragile or crumbling may have passed its expiration date. After you initially purchase a cannabis product, take note of its texture. Later, look for any variations.

You Notice Mold

Mold is identifiable by its white fluff and discoloured areas. Throw away your old, mouldy cannabis the same way you would a loaf of stale bread.

Can You Get Sick from Consuming Old Marijuana?

Any expired food product that is consumed may cause nausea as well as other digestive problems. Nevertheless, it is doubtful that consuming marijuana that has expired will have a negative impact. Nevertheless, if in doubt, discard it.

Hints for storing marijuana

These requirements are essential for preserving cannabis and maximising its shelf life because how you keep it greatly impacts how the item will survive.

Select the Proper Container

The finest containers for long-term storage of cannabis are glass Mason jars with just an airtight
cover since glass preserves cannabis’ tastes and fragrances as well as its freshness. Vacuum-sealed plastic bags or metal containers are suitable for storing items for a week or less.

Keep an eye on the humidity

So that they don’t degrade more quickly, weed products should be stored in low-humidity areas. For most cannabis products, relative humidity of roughly 60% is appropriate.

Keep it a secret

Avoid being outside in the sun at all costs. Dark places like cabinets and cupboards are better for preserving cannabis items.

Can I Refrigerate CBD as well as Marijuana Products?

Freezing is an option when you require a short-term option for storage for marijuana or CBD products. However, storing your cannabis product in the refrigerator for over a few days can cause it to lose quality and potency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long may opened CBD oil be stored?

For up to 24 months, CBD oil can keep fresh if it is kept in a cold, dark location.

How long is the shelf life of THC wax?

THC waxes and other concentrates have 3 to 6 months of shelf life.

Do marijuana edibles gradually lose their potency?

Yes, edible marijuana loses some potency over time, but not right away (a year or more, based on the type). It is doubtful that any potency would be lost throughout this little period as you will probably consume the marijuana edibles within weeks of acquiring them.

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