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Cannamoms- How Cannabis Helps Them Through Motherhood

On mother’s Day, all cannamoms sat to discuss Cannabis. They all mentioned their children’s condition and whatever they wanted to inform about Cannabis.

What is cannomom?

According to the cannavistmoms club on Facebook, “a woman who supports and utilizes cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes and who is actively working to remove the stigma around mothers who choose cannabis in their daily life.”

Kaycee Lei Bawdon cuesta and Jenna Guerrero started a Facebook group four years ago for cannabis users. At present, this group has approximately 26,000 members.

As per Jenna, the biggest challenge for many women, including her, was that whoever just uttered Cannabis faced hate, negativity, and judgment. She was even cured of chronic illness due to Cannabis. She confessed that she wanted its support.

As a matter of fact, Jenna undergoes osteogenesis imperfecta; she consumes Cannabis to fulfill the duties of her mom. She revealed that if she consumed painkillers instead of Cannabis, she would become a zombie. Even though she could not find topicals during a pandemic, she used to make them with the help of cannabis coconut oil, beeswax or shea butter, and different essential oils.

Develop solidarity against stigma

Kaycee employs Cannabis to cure endometriosis and migraine. She eradicates her anxiety with Cannabis. There should be no difference between mommy needing a joint and mommy needing a glass of wine in terms of social acceptance.” Kaycee mentioned it.

Mothers can open up about cannabis use without being judged or stigmatized by groups like The Cannavistmoms Club. Mothers do not use Cannabis for their medical condition due to stigma surrounding the drug and the war on drugs” propaganda. Additionally, residents of unlawful states constantly worry about legal implications like losing their children.

Jenna also warned mothers that they are not supposed to interrogate whether they are excellent mothers or not. Jenna urged mothers to believe in themselves since Cannabis proves to be suitable for mothers. She advised us to remember that we have an army of mothers who always supported us.

Some of the ladies we spoke to, in fact, had parents who had served time in prison for cultivating Cannabis before it was made legal. These women were subjected to a profoundly traumatic stigma, were frequently prohibited from spending time with other children as children, and could not see their parents in prison. One mother, who requests anonymity since she lives in an illegal country, said:

“Cannabis saved my life, and it is safer than other medicines available in pharmacy stores for curing medical disorders. It makes me a good mother. It enables me to have greater self-control. It makes me feel so calm and relaxed. It helps me, a parent, more gently. Parenting is not a piece of cake. I use Cannabis without worrying about turning into a zombie. Cannabis allows me to be relatively relaxed and attentive.

Cannabis allows me to be a good mother.

In our interactions with Cannamoms, the topic of utilizing Cannabis to become a better mother frequently arose. After giving birth, Chef Lauren Gulyas (@lolasbest) underwent stress. Therefore, she tried edibles. For four months straight, she could not stop her baby from wailing. Her ability to unwind didn’t arrive until she tried edibles:

“I always used to have my jaw clenched, and I was trying to keep it together till I had half an edible one day… I suddenly became aware that my jaw had relaxed, I was a lot more at ease, I could enjoy myself and play with her, and I had transformed into a fantastic mother who was neither anxious nor highly stressed. I made delicacies and experimented with several recipes after thinking, “There must be something here.

Hence, Lauren has started producing her Cannabis and experimenting in the kitchen with recipes like marshmallows, gingerbread cookies, and lemon squares. Lauren can now sleep better and enjoy more quality time with her kids.

Yes, it does help me to fall asleep and reduces my anxiety. Then I’ll microdose THC occasionally since it helps to soothe me. I can play with the kids and am less concerned with stuff like, “Oh my gosh, this house is nasty; I have to do laundry. The reason for this is that you’re living in the moment. In Lauren’sLauren’s words, “I have become a much better version of myself.”.”

Mothers Are Leading the Cannabis Industry

Mothers who work in the cannabis industry discussed the stigma and fear, particularly for mothers who are Women of Color Podcast producer and cannabis blogger Jamela Zarha (@jamelazarha) has a website named High How Are You? She was raised in a 420-friendly home, but when she was expecting her first kid, she intended not to take Cannabis out of fear. “As a Black woman, I’m afraid that because I smoke and am pregnant, I’ll get entangled in some legal issues. And so I decided that since I’ve never taken a break before, this is the moment when I’m just not going to consume Cannabis, and I’ve put my blog on an everlasting pause.

Jamela also tells us how to communicate to your kids about Cannabis: “As a parent, you should teach your children to be patient. Wait until later to engage in sexual activity, drink alcohol, or smoke. However, you also want to ensure that your children know what they need to make wise decisions when they are not around you, which they finally won’t be.

Change your mind for a better life.

Whitney Beatty, a mom and entertainment industry executive (@thehighmommylife), didn’t consume Cannabis when she was younger. But by breaking down barriers for women of color and widening their horizons as a competent expert in the cannabis sector, she is empowering women communities of color. She is the CEO of a high-end brand of cannabis storage cases and the founder of Josephine & Billie’sBillie’s, the first dispensary in Los Angeles to serve women of color exclusively.

Whitney didn’t think about using Cannabis medicinally as a substitute for over-the-counter anxiety drugs until she had a panic attack as an adult. She learned about Harry Anslinger, the demonization of the plant, and the very racist history associated with prohibition when she started researching Cannabis. She described her desire to improve public opinions about Cannabis as follows:

I know that I cannot change the opinion of the media machine. But I can refrain from them. “I can inform people that my name is Witney. I possess three degrees. I am a responsible person in society, and I visit the church every Sunday. I adore my son, and I employ cannabis”. I want to tell people that not all the stereotypes they see in the newspaper or in the media fit every Cannabis consumer as a whole. . When kids witness me consuming Cannabis; I want them to be able to see themselves.

When it comes to motherhood, Whitney said, “I don’t think Cannabis is the defining aspect of my maternal story. It’sIt’s just one serving, just like wine drinkers aren’t always wine moms, or diabetics who take insulin aren’t invariably insulin moms. Some people, in my opinion, have a propensity to categorize us as “cannabis moms.” That, in my opinion, allows the other essential things to be neglected.

Maintaining balance in all aspects.

Potency No. 710, a skincare brand featuring CBD and all-natural, non-toxic chemicals, was founded by mother and Twitter user Mandy Lile (@potencyno710). Mandy aims to educate people about the merits of CBD and Cannabis for beauty and health. She mentions how utilizing cannabis aids in her relaxation and sense of equilibrium.

It is time to stay calm and relaxed. It helps me to be creative. Many people assume that that “stoner” smoke is only doing so to get high. It’sIt’s not us. Mandy added that most of us do it because we’ve discovered it works for us, and so few people know the endocannabinoid system.

Mothers now start questioning Cannabis with Mandy. She said that she believes that mothers think that doctors could solve their issues, and they took Prozac and other prescription anti-depressants, raising many issues for them. Owing to this, they felt anxiety and stress. We can be many different individuals in a day when we’re a parent, from the cleaner to the Uber driver to the instructor at the school to the shopping.

Other information about cannamoms

Many of us are aware of Asley Priest. She was asked what she thought people knew about being cinnamon. She replied not to keep in mind what people tell her about this plant. She advised me to read current news and articles about it. No one can convince you that this is more significant than younger mothers’ stories about the impact of this medicine on their children. She also wanted us to read research and science to educate us. She wanted us to use good products. It is possible only when we educate ourselves.

To sum up, Cannabis is not harmful. The only thing which can help to know whether it is suitable for us is to investigate ourselves by reading. Many educated women chose because they were sincere for their children

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