Cannabis shake: an Ultimate Guide

Cannabis shake: an Ultimate Guide

You must have seen or heard of the Cannabis shake if you’ve ever visited a dispensary. However, it’s still very obvious that shake is a very popular product, but it’s not always obvious what it actually is or what you can use it for. So, we here in this article will talk about all the ways you can use a cannabis shake and what it actually is.

What are the key differences between Cannabis Shake and Cannabis Trim?

You might often get confused between the two, cannabis shake and cannabis trim, but you should know that they are not the same. Trim is a term used to indicate the majority of leaves and bud fragments that are purposefully removed from a mature cannabis plant after its harvest. Many growers use this trimming technique to provide customers with a better, more powerful, and visually appealing product.

Shake, on the other hand, is prepared out of no natural intention; it just happens as you move and handle the flower, by virtue of this movement, the loose trichomes fell off and gather at the bottom of the container. Hence, you might notice that shake often consists of little, broken-off flower buds as well as kief, a powdered form of trichomes high in cannabinoids.

Now the question arises, which of the two is stronger, the cannabis trim or the cannabis shake? Well here is your answer, the trim has been discovered to have a low cannabis content, hence it is typically not smoked and is rather employed in other things. Shake, on the other hand, has been found in many cases to be as strong as the cannabis it came from, owing to the fact that it is a component of the flower and is generally high in the trichomes that contain the plant’s THC. Unfortunately, this might not always be the case, the real potency of the shake depends on the duration, it had been sitting and drying on the bottom of the container.

Ways in which you use Cannabis Shake

There are several cannabis users who look forward to employing shake to add utility to the leftover bits at the bottom of their stash, and as a matter of fact, the process is extremely flexible and also helps in reducing waste. Reusing shake rather than tossing it away can simply increase the value of your purchase. However, you should ensure that you must follow the process of decarboxylation of the shake in order to reap the benefits of its cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.).


However there are a majority of individuals who do not prefer to smoke their shake with cannabis trimmings, but still, you would find some people who go so far as to buy bags of shake from the clinics on purpose since it is far less expensive than the top-shelf flower. Although shake is considered to be a product of low quality yet it has the ability to supply phytonutrients, which adds purpose to it.


A great way to utilize your shake is to prepare cannabis-infused tea. When you are making your favorite tea, you can simply add the desired dosage of shake to the water and let it soak for a couple of hours before removing the plant material. This is all, later you can add sugar, lemon, or any other aromatics of your choice.


You can use cannabis shake to create a broad range of delicacies and is common for people to do so. You can utilize your shake to prepare cannabutter, cannabis coconut oil, or canna flour, which can further be employed in a broad variety of meals in place of regular butter, oil, and flour, accordingly. Ensure to first decarboxylate the cannabis which will help in activating the cannabinoids, this shall be done before preparing homemade cannabis edibles from whole plant material.


The process of preparing your very own cannabis tinctures at home is also extremely economical and simple and employs Tinctures Shake. You might be aware that tinctures have been prepared and have been consumed by various cultures for centuries, this is because of how excellent they are for the purpose of microdosing or medicating owing to their exact dosage. One of the most widely used tinctures in the cannabis market is Green Dragon.


Shake is considered to be an excellent substitute for use in the preparation of cannabis concentrates and oils due to its excellent cannabinoid content. There is a myriad of extraction procedures that can be employed to convert cannabis shake into concentrations such as shatter, wax, rosin, and a range of oils. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and full-extraction cannabis oil (FECO) can also be produced using shake.

Tip for you: Brew a Green Dragon tincture and you can easily use it to prepare FECO in an Instant Pot!

You can easily prepare a topical product such as a cream or salve, with the help of your shake. The method described herein can simply be employed to prepare the base of any salve foundation that can further be blended with any of cream, lotion, or ingredients, like beeswax, as per your preference, to create a thick salve. You can also use additional items, such as vitamin E and/or essential oils, to modify the topical infusions according to your taste and preference.


Are you someone who wishes to add a tinge of flavor to your favorite beverage? Then you must dilute the shake with water, booze, or anything else, although do not forget to decarb and finely grind the shake before blending it with water or any drink of your preference. Check out this site for some basic guidelines about how to prepare cannabis-infused coffee, juice, vodka, milk, and trim.

Key Takeaway

So far we have established that cannabis shake is a much versatile, relatively affordable, semi-potent cannabis product that can be employed to create a range of different combinations. You can even take the easy way out and simply smoke the shake. Your shake’s composition might differ sometimes, although, with this list of a number of uses on your fingertips, you can easily find a way to put it to use. It is recommended that you should consult a medical cannabis therapist in your state to evaluate the most appropriate treatment option if you’re planning to use the shake as a form of medication, either in its natural form, alone or in one of the ways described above in this article.

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