Everything You Need to Know About Moon Rocks

Everything You Need to Know About Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks has been finding great acceptance and demand in the recent past. Some go crazy for moon rocks, while others want to be as far as possible from them. What are these moon rocks? Are they rock from the moon, or have we found another more beautiful moon than our present one? No, absolutely not. These moon rocks have to do something with cannabis.

Moon Rocks – What are they?

Aged or cured cannabis flowers, when dipped in cannabis concentrate, especially distillate, the product you get is called moon rocks. The bud is dipped well in the concentrate and then rolled in kief to make moon rock. As it is a concentrated form, it costs a minimum of $25 a gram. Due to its high potency, it is not advisable to smoke moonrocks alone. The best way to use it is to take a tiny piece of it, mix it with regular cannabis flower and then use it.

Cannabis flower, oil concentrate, and kief, three parts of the cannabis plant, are used to make moon rocks. It enables you to have a wide range of quality available. Some of them love their experience with Moon rocks, while some find it way below average expectations and challenging to work with. To get the best quality while purchasing cannabis, you must go for a legal or trusted company. If you have an interest, you can make it yourself.


Is it safe for medical patients to try moon rocks?


It would be best if you always remembered that moon rocks are highly concentrated and extremely strong. Cannabis flowers usually have 15 to 25% THC. These flowers are then dipped in concentrates with a THC content of up to 90%. These are then rolled in kief to form a fine trichome powder with very high potency. With all these steps, the final product will have a strength of 50 to 80% THC.

An average cannabis consumer will find moon rocks producing “a compelling high” experience. Regular users who are used to consuming high concentrate also feel a significant lift in their high when they smoke moon rocks.

Some feel the high potency of moon rocks makes it more of a recreational product than for dealing with medical issues. They think it can be had only for fun, to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an out-of-this-world experience. They do not find it suitable as a product that regularly helps in your medical conditions.

But there is another perspective to it. Some feel it is just the right kind, what some medical patients need. They find it suitable especially for those fighting chronic pain and loss of appetite. You will also find strain-specific moon rocks. These have specific benefits and unique qualities for patients with particular symptoms.

But many find controlling the amount of THC intake while smoking moon rocks very difficult. Usually, most medical patients need to take a specific ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes. It becomes challenging when it comes to using moon rocks.


How to prepare moon rocks?


The best way to have quality moon rocks is to make them yourself. You can purchase kief from legal cannabis dispensaries or collect it from the bottom of your grinder. Distillate that comes in a syringe is the best option for making moon rocks. Using it, you can give your nug a good coat of the distillate. Now pick your buds, and you are ready to make your moon rock. Squeeze the distillate from the syringe over your bud. You can use the entire contents of the needle. You can take the help of a dab tool to spread the distillate over your bud. Keep your kief ready nearby in a container so that you can put your sticky nug into it. After you place the nug into the kief, roll them well, so they get completely covered with those beautiful trichomes. Pull your nug out and remove the excess trichomes by gently tapping or knocking them off on a plate.

An exciting alternative for moon rocks

Here is an exciting alternative for those who find moon rocks very strong. Take around 7 grams of concentrate and an ounce of flower. You may vary the ratio as per your choice. Mix the concentrate and the flower, and then use them to roll your joints. Take the distillate and smear it on half part of your joint. Roll it in kief, and it is ready to use.

To conclude, you can say that moon rocks are unique cannabis products. It is fun to have it occasionally for recreational purposes. Though patients can use it medicinally, the major drawback is that they cannot control the cannabinoid content, so many are apprehensive about using them. The inconsistency in quality is another factor that concerns everybody. It is always safe to make them at home or buy them from a trusted source.

It would be best if you always were cautious while using moon rocks, whether you want it recreationally or medicinally. You may face severe problems because of the high THC content in moon rocks, especially if you’re new to cannabis or an occasional cannabis consumer. Always consult a marijuana doctor before trying any cannabis product.

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