An ultimate guide to drying and curing your cannabis

An ultimate guide to drying and curing your cannabis

It requires a certain level of expertise to dry and cure your marijuana effectively. Despite the fact that drying marijuana is challenging to master on the very first attempt, there are multiple techniques you can use to improve your chances of success.

here, in this article, you may learn the right storage methods and ways to properly dry and cure cannabis at home.

What are the methods of drying cannabis?

Drying Cannabis at home is a tough skill and it may get simpler with practice and consistency. If you are a beginner, you should always consider the following rules before drying marijuana at home:-

Supplies that will be needed

The first and foremost step is to prepare a drying room which shall help complete the drying process at a quicker pace. This space could be any room of your house, even the kitchen or any other dim, dry, room that stays at a constant room temperature. To thoroughly dry cannabis, you’ll also require the following tools:

  • dryer rack.
  • Fan.
  • Hygrometer (which helps in keeping a track of the relative humidity and temperature each day).
  • air conditioning system (recommended).
  • Dehumidifier (recommended).

Time Frame

Based on the harvested plant material, if you are dry trimming or wet trimming, the drying process of cannabis can take anywhere from three to seven days.

How to Evaluate when the process is complete

The simplest way to determine if your buds are cured or not is the aroma emanating from the jars. You should know that if buds are not completely dried, you will smell a hint of ammonia. In such cases, “burp” the jar once more and leave the blooms alone for a day to breathe.

Now, the buds that have been completely dried and packed can preserve their potency for a maximum of two years, with a condition that they are to be stored away from humid conditions and direct sunshine. It is believed by many homemakers of cannabis that well-cured marijuana attains the maximum level of potency between the ages of three and 18 months, and the potency declines after that period is over.

How to properly store homegrown cannabis

In actuality, you can never determine the correct way because there isn’t any for storing cannabis. The cannabis will stay fresh and healthy for months without any issues as long as it is stored in an airtight container, and with a major condition that it should be kept away from the heat and humidity, and has been properly cured.

There still can be a few cannabis preservation techniques that can be superior to others. Following is the lowdown on ways in which you can store your homegrown cannabis either for short-term or long-term or even both.

The best storage options for your homegrown cannabis

Cool and dark conditions set up the ideal environment for the storage of cannabis. If your space features cold and dark, cabinets, cupboards, and perhaps even dresser drawers, they will make up for ideal storage space for your cannabis. Although there are a few containers for storing cannabis that has proved to function better than others. After the drying and curing process of your cannabis, you can decide to store it in any of the following containers:

Mason Jars

There are a lot of people, according whom the ideal way to store cannabis is in a glass-like container for such as a mason jar. Your cannabis is proved to be less likely to deteriorate or get contaminated since glass, unlike plastics is one of the materials that doesn’t leech chemicals.

Airtight Containers

Alternatives for the storage of your cannabis can comprise airtight plastic containers. As suggested by many homemakers of cannabis, the flavours and aroma of the cannabis plant are said to last longer in a glass mason jar.

Polythene Bags

It is suggested to avoid the use of plastic bags since they create a humid environment where the bud might “sweat” and develop mould, mildew, and an obnoxious odour that can be detected from far ago by anyone who passes by. Another reason not to use plastic bags is that they are also found to produce static, which attracts and causes the precious trichomes from your marijuana to adhere to the plastic.

In any case, the proper way to store Cannabis is away from heat and light. Keep a check on humidity levels as well, since excess moisture might hasten the deterioration of cannabis.

Is it possible to freeze weed?

Cannabis should never be stored in frozen form. Want to know why? Well, water Is an essential element present in cannabis. As a result of freezing the water might freeze and harm the cannabis and its potency. Importantly, when placed in a standard home freezer, the buds of your cannabis sustain great harm and lead to the loss of many essential medicinal cannabinoids present in your cannabis

If you still decide to freeze your cannabis plants, then it is highly recommended for you to freeze-dry them in a frost-free freezer after vacuum-packing them. This approach will ensure that the vital chemical components of your cannabis plant are not harmed. While on the plus side, freezing fresh cannabis may rather result in relatively more potent hash and hash oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be certain that your cannabis is completely dried and cured?

It is recommended to avoid shortcuts and follow the entire procedure to ensure that your cannabis is completely dried and cured. Even after following the process, you must maintain your calm and patience in order to achieve the perfect, potent, aromatic, and rich cannabis that can last for months.

For how much duration you should dry your cannabis?

After the completion of the process of harvesting, drying the marijuana plants is the next step which takes between seven to twelve days in a clean, dry area without direct sunlight. One of the major reasons for mouldy buds is improper drying, which makes the process of drying a necessary step in order to keep your buds surviving longer. Failure to properly dry cannabis may perhaps be detrimental for immunocompromised individuals, although, it is rare and still is a very significant point to remember. To determine if a plant is completely dry or not, you can snap the twigs inside the buds.
Is it possible to harvest cannabis without curing it first?
Although, it is not suggested to omit the process of curing since it preserves the cannabis plant from mould as well as other sorts of deterioration. with process. you can rest assured that the medicinal terpene and cannabinoid content of your cannabis plant will remain as strong as possible throughout its lifetime. Additionally, this process ensures the preservation of the plant’s most alluring scents and smells for a week or a month.

You can easily reap the benefits of cannabis medicine with a medical marijuana car, you can also apply for your MMJ card online which is a much quicker and easier process than by reaching out to one of the licensed doctors.

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